Imposter? Need help

Hi guys,
it’s been a long time since I login to this forum.

So I did Letter of Intent last year. I made it on my phone first before I wrote it down on a paper. One night before I burned it, I felt tingling on some part of my body. It was kinda scary because I lived in the haunted house at the time. The next day, I decided to burn the letter. I got the feeling I have more than one incubus, or maybe he invited some of his brothers idk. But to be clear, I only asked one lover to Lilith. A few months later I moved. Sometimes I felt like the one who attached to me could be an imposter. Or maybe he’s just so clingy and wants to cuddle all the time. I feel so tired and all I want to do is lying in my bed. I lose the urge to meditate. Nothing extreme tho, except I am horny almost all the time and I jerked off three times two days ago. He stays with me 24/7 and never leaves.

I did an Incantation to Murmur by VKJ because I was worried it could be an imposter or egregore that I created unintentionally. At night, I dreamed my father changed my bedsheet to white (I have black) so I thought it was clear. But for the past days I felt so drained and the thought it could be imposter came back. I did Incantation to Murmur by VKJ again yesterday. No dream but I felt hot sensation on the right side of my body. I don’t know if it’s a good sign or not. So I need help.

Can anyone do a divination for me? Is this real incubus or impostor or egregore? If it’s real is it more than one? I have so many doubts sometimes. All any kind of divination is appreciated. Thank you.

So…when’s the last time you did a banishing ritual? As for the Invocation to Murmur, you should probably have done some banishing rituals before (in my opinion, not fact) to get used to practicing. Otherwise, the difference between them being useless words and something effective is your intent and using your power.

I would consider it a parasite.