Sorry for my inactivity

I’m starting a new path

As a magician I want to go where has gone before and will never go

I want to do the impossible as here are some examples

Do fantasy magic i.e Hollywood magic

Have all gods and almighty under my command

I created a ritual in mircosoft docs this ritual is so fantasy and unrealistic that you’ll think I’m crazy

Have a every power on under my command

Bring movies to life

Bring fiction to life or step into it

Or 100000000000000 or infinite guaranteed results.

Have supernatural hypernatural ultranatural meganatural hypernatural hypreme beauty

Change bloodlines

And infinite more

This is possible seeing as the occult is infinite you just have to find the right spirits

I have been doing occult work for about 1 year now

So I know this is possible but its gonna take some time and work


I just want you guys support

I’m paving the way

I’m gonna do the impossible against all odds

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So what have you achieved so far

Gl making it happend, i do cheer you on ofc but im sadly convinced you wont reach the actually result you desire.
You yourself choose to call it impossible so thats a limitation aswell in your mind that you need to overcome.
And finding the correct spirit as you say may not be possible seeing as spirits themself aint ”perfect” the spirit you would seek must infacto be the grand creator of the universe or of that magnitude to have the possibility to do what you desire and even If you find that spirit its not a guarante that its power will become yours.
Carry on with your ambition you might not get the result you seek but the insight you may get might be invaluable anyway.

I agree with some of your points

But in order to accomplish I will not have to work with the creator of the universe.

Just with specific spirits

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Well i believe most would agree thatvthe Hollywood style magic is fantasy and will stay that way.
Seeing as there is accounts of yogis and shamans that transforms things or straight manifests them from thin air id say some may be plausible butvthen there is the question of time and dedication to learn.
What you suggest is on a grander scal, sure i had the same visions about magic when i first learned about it but at the time i was 12.
As for the ”grand creator” If there even is such a thing ofc that being holds all the keys even If other spirits holds a couple depending on that spirits purpouse or function. Now we come into the more theoretical part think of this reality as a videogame, different gamemasters ”spirits” have some restricted privelidges but the full controll is in the hand of the developer the developer however is not a part in the game itself but operates only from without.

Thats only my viewpoint of it and one of the reasons i think your attempts will not be totslynposdible but hey take thats as an opportunity to prove me wrong (:slight_smile: .

Thank you for your wisdom

I like your comparison like I said I agree with most of your points

But the occult is infinite

As you say their might not even be a grand creator.

By it’s people like yourself that I wanna shock have their mouths drop to the floor.

Hollywood is fantasy no denying that but however if many people had my ambition and drive it wouldn’t stay that way.

I dont wanna be like the rest of practitioners and Magicians on this forum or forums or on this planet that Continuously go down the mundane and rational part of magick I refuse.

I want people to have powers like on superpower wiki

Or have real fictional supernatural hypernatural ultranatural meganatural hypernatural hypreme beauty absolute beauty

And more

can you tell me the name of spirit who can help in improving or changing physical appearance overnight and help to teach dance like MJ…

That would be great if accomplished…go ahead

Yeah even on a minor scale, sometimes I think “The famous powers of magick and of the spirits must have a basis” and, at times, E.A. do exceptional promises. So…

Waiting to see your results

You’ve already done something fantastical, but you have yet to explain to people how you did it. Which legions did you use to acquire the 1.2 million dollars in this thread. Was it the Legions from EAs evocation course?

He said he doesn’t intend to:

So this lost me and I stopped reading right here - why should I care if it doesn’t affect me?. You do you bro, but I don’t care to listen to mere bragging. When you want to open up you’ll get my attention and not before.


WOW !!! finally a GOD amongst Us. But i expected a better Avatar as pro-pic.

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I’m not bragging

As I said I’m paving the way for future magicians to things like this and when I do accomplish it’s for everyone not just me my guy

I’m still looking through EA koetting books and evoking spirits and asking them to lead me towards these entities.

Entities dont have to be perfect to accomplish such a feat but they have to specialize in it and be a master.

And their require huge offerings for such a feat

I’ll tell you what

When I accomplish this feat

I will come back and tell you how I made that possible

I seen you ask me this before but was too busy working on what I am now with this feat.

When I’m done

1.2 million or any money itself would be for the less- Fortunate.

More examples

You could create a whole empire here on earth or your empire rules the whole universe

Or you could bring and empire out of comics

Every god and every mythology or religion including omnipotences and almighty and eternal source will obey you and you only with unbreakable loyalty.

You could go beyond god yourself to become something truly unspeakable in the literal sense.


You could bring every verse to real waking life.

Or my new favorite example

The new aquaman movie has stunning visuals you could bring all that too life your favorite superheroes

You could change mythologies like greek and persian and make them infinite in the sense of their empire,wars,deities, weapons

I’m very open for this kind of thinking and i think if you really want to accomplish that you’ll reach it. only make sure to stay on that path, make it to YOUR path

Well to me this is the same ambition that one had when one was a kid and played and hoped to find a magic book that would make anything possible.
The ambition is in no way unique and most ppl that give magic any more work then basic spellworking have probobly been poundering the question on how to get as much power as possible.

So my question is how is it that you will succede where countless of magicians during the entire history of mankind can give us proof of that succes?
Magic may be infinite but are humans that?

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That is a good question

Ever since I have been getting visions and certain entities coming to me but never revealed who they were no names nothing but I know when they did come to me thru visions, and when I was sleep the energy I had when I woke up was nothing short of fantasy and fiction like.

I’ve talk to certain entities to help me find these spirits and who and what they are they have told me they do indeed exist but there names will only been given onto me if I stay on this path and the things they have laid out in front of me. Such as mediations, evocations etc…

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