Important question

There’s a person I know that seems to be unaffected by magick of any kind. Last time, I summoned Amon and told him to make this person argue with another. It was me who ended up arguing with this person. Every time I summon a spirit to influence this person, I always get either the reversed effect or nothing at all. And it only happen with this person.

Do any of you have any explanation for this? How can I influence the person? I’ve tried a lot of powerful spirits and none seem to be able to.

This person could be a skilled magician in their own right or have some major protection around them. Talismans can do a helluva lot to protect someone from negative occult forces, even spirits. Also note that 9 times out of 10 when you call on a spirit to do a job they rarely do it themselves. They send out one of their subordinates to do the work. So I wouldn’t blame Amon. He most likely could have fought through whatever protection your target has. His subordinate may not be as powerful.

Thing is, this person doesn’t have any talismans and it isn’t a practitioner either. Could it be that he became immune to this kind of stuff? He had some pretty hardcore experiences in the past.

Psychological sabotage bro. After you failed the first time you are projecting the same outcome again and again.

Do you know that for sure? How well do you know them?

Also could be psychological sabotage.

This persons will could just be stronger than yours. Could be the negativity you were attempting to direct wasn’t directed fully or in the right way. One of the people involved was argumentative so it was at least partially successful. Perhaps your desire for the second person to argue was stronger than for the first or they may have just been more succeptable.

Don’t rule out the sabotage, nothing fails like a repeat spell. It destroys certainty and leaves you wondering which is counter productive. Work with another spirit or attack from a different angle.