Importance of vocality in ritual

Hi. I was wondering about the importance of using your physical voice as opposed to your inner voice (speaking in your head). I’m so weird that I can’t vocalize in any ritual without it sounding silly or fake and taking me right out of a hard won meditative state. I have read many books stating the importance of the voice and physical motions to bring your desire down to the physical world. I just can’t do any of it. I feel spirits get closer and energy build up better when I just lay in bed, or sit and call out in my mind. I feel I have done more to bring something into my life by just pouring emotion and visions into it without a peep. Even preparing a candle can make me feel not in the mood anymore. I don’t know if something is wrong with me, or I’m just lazy, but it has always been that way for me. I am a quiet person by nature (until you give me a wine cooler) so I’m wondering if this would work against me? I know spirits hear me without my voice. I feel pressure and slight changes in the air that tell me I’ve connected. I see things out of the corner of my eye after many days of mental contact so could this just be the way I operate? I also feel more into it kneeling in front of a candle or ritual space in my mind. It usually falls apart though and I just force intent and emotion into what I want furiously vocalizing internally. It takes longer to tire that way, but I don’t clam up and get all awkward about how I sound or what I say. So what do you all think?

Whatever works for you. That’s one of the beautiful things about magic.
Granted that there could be better results if you do vocalize your commands but if you don’t feel that it’s necessary and you still manage the connection while being able to channel the energy, then by all means, more power to you.
But the evidence lays in your results.
Has what you been doing so far worked?
If so, keep at it.

I think that you’re trying hard and you think about everything related to ritual. Do it with confidence. First of all, relax yourself doing meditation or anything else what’s going to relax you. While meditating, don’t think what you need to do, just focus on yourself, on your breathe and you will forget about this world where you exist. Another thing about ritual, everyone will tell you that the most important step in ritual is that there’s no steps. By that I meant, do whatever you feel that it’s right and what have powerful meaning for you.

I love the replies. Thanks. Maybe ritual feels foreign to me because I fail to make it my own which is a must. I think if I can chill out and ease into it things would go smoother. I just have a major problem chilling out because I’m a mom, and I am always on edge about who needs me, or who’s gonna barge in on me. I try to set boundaries, but my family doesn’t understand.


I love that idea, but I hate the sound of my whispering too. When I see people that are really good at it, they seem to talk slowly and in a deeper tone than their daily speaking voice. I think slow low murmuring would help keep me from being jolted out of a meditative state because of how dumb I sound. Thanks. I feel that slow and careful movements would also help.

You could put Post-It notes round the house reminding you to SING whenever possible - it’s one way to develop voice confidence in general.

Also, record yourself and figure what you want to change, Britain’s first female prime minister famoulsly deepened her voice to be taken more seriously, and (obvious overtones of sexism there aside) a lot of actors, male and female alike, have vocal coaches who help them achieve a more pleasing tone and method of speaking.

I watch a lot of stuff on YT and am horrified at how unaware some people seem to be of their voices, the worst are often white American women who use a really flat nasal tone mixed with vocal fry, it’s painful to listen to!

They’re posting interesting stuff and often knowledgeable, but just a little bit of critical self-analysis and listening to say a newsreader (from their own region, no-one ever needs to lose their accent or deny their roots) would improve their presentation SO much.

So, erm, sorry for digressing a bit there but it IS posible to 1. change anything about your voice that you dislike, and 2. use it often enough that it feels natural!

And what everyone else said is also good, as well. :slight_smile:

O[quote=“Lady Eva, post:7, topic:6858”]I watch a lot of stuff on YT and am horrified at how unaware some people seem to be of their voices, the worst are often white American women who use a really flat nasal tone mixed with vocal fry, it’s painful to listen to![/quote]

Oh god. Vocal fry. cringe I think my voice itself is fine it’s just the formality and cadence of ritual format that feels goofy. I guess when I talk to spirits in my mind I don’t say anything fancy at all. It more of a naked soul baring sincerity that feels natural to me. I talk to them like a long distance friend. It doesn’t matter if they are dead loved ones, or demons, they all get the same raw unfiltered respect.

hey this is a great challenge actually

so listen,

my greatest suprise (really something that left me in a state of awe-confusion-twisted-happy)
is the FACT that when one of the most feared spirits i evoked, the emotion i got from the spirit was a little goofy. not goofy like dumb, but, unexplainably playful and joyful.

so, here’s my advice for you.

why don’t you do a few rehearsals of doing the ritual, using different voices.

why don’t you evoke seven dwarfs and goof around a little, just for fun? you can talk with each one as a different character. or invoke them just to act like them and put on their funny or scary voice. or lazy voice. or whatever the personality voice.

this blockage that you have is not real (i think) it is imagined.

because, if you ever gossip (for an example) or if you’re imitating some other person in conversations, then you are INVOKING (a little bit) that voice and that person you imitate.

if you’re generally uncapable of being funny in front of anybody, then, i guess you’re holpless.

but still, you could write a letter to some god of charisma and public speaking and ask him humbly to bestow upon you the powers of speech and acting. and spill some of your blood, add some parfumes and maybe pictures of people who are great actors or comedians or sorcerers or a pimp, or a hustla’… you know i’m sayin’ and you burn that letter so hard you get the powers and bust your incapability!

you dig?

Hahahaha! Love it Bahamuthat! I am pretty goofy when I’m comfortable, but it’s just the ritual stuff. I think maybe it has more to do with me myself. I had to work very hard to even sing correctly and find my own voice and that is just in the car alone. I think you’re right. It IS a blockage, and I feel it has something to do with my weird “invisible audience” thing I have. Even my sister admits she feels stupid even laughing to herself. I think it is a self conscious/self esteem thing that most people just get over. I will work with a spirit like you suggested, and find my voice and the right to use it. Thanks to everyone. I now will see this as something to overcome, and not simply a style issue, because I SHOULD be able to do both without problems like everyone else.

yeah. i work with kids. they all have the same problem.

we all have the same problem.

same guy. same problem.

to be yourself.

i ate 5g of psylocibin mushrooms to figure that out.

really, in this retarded society, you have really NO POINT OF REFERENCE to what it really means to be FREE. it’s all stress related thing. think about it.

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