Importance of the serpent 🐍

after some research into the occult I find that every ancient culture has a sign of the serpent in it he is shown as the life creator and bringer of knowledge in Christian faith the serpent dragon is the enemy against God the kundalini shows that we as humans have this ancient snake inside of us coiled at the spine and the 7 Chakra points aka spine represents the serpent power… so in truth we are the serpent and the ancient snake is not a devil but God the life creator and the Christian abrhamic faith has it backwards…


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hail the serpent :dragon::snake:

I disagree with the common, base definition of Kundalini.

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If the serpent interests you, I have two words for you;

Draconian Magic.

That shit is the real deal. It works nicely with Qliphoth too.

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In Proto Indo- Europeans culture which is where the Norse, Greek, Roman (Among others) cultures stem from, the dragon and serpent have always had a negative connotation by being symbolic of Chaos, death and disorder.

In these myths and ancient stories the Serpent or Dragon always loses.

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yeah same goes for the Christian faith however in non European cultures it seems the dragon serpent is winning such as ancient China and Mexico with the mayans…

sounds interesting I know in China they have 7 dragon gods but out of that not much about dragon magick

In Australian aborignal myths… It was a rainbow serpent that created the world…

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yes the rainbow serpent is the deity I keep seeing in my meditation sessions… a giant rainbow colored snake

Undergo some past life regression… May give you a clue into this…

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Draconian magic is internationally applicable. In every culture, there is a dragon-like creature in mythology. The two authors I recommend are Asenath Mason and Michael Kelly. Asenath Mason focuses on Luciferian draconian magic with both Western Cerimonial magic and Hindu influences as well as inspiration from literature, while Michael Kelly has a Setian view on the tradition with some Celtic, Norse and Thelema thrown in. My own practice could be described as a loose mix of the two with some other influences added.

You’d be surprised what gods find thier way into draconian magic. It’s a very versatile tradition.

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