Importance of the demons

How much does it matter when you start evoking a demon if you have more or less experience with this matter?
Like it there a smaller demon you can summon first and then go after the big ones? Or it doesn’t really matter as long as you focus, your intend is there, the sigil is ok, the offering is on the table… and how do I know it really worked when I didn’t feel anything. There are times when I just feel like I am alone talking to myself.

You can work on developing your psychic senses. Meditation, chakra work, evoking Sastan (not Satan), energetic unblocking, practicing divination like tarot and exercising that psychic sense muscle.

As a newer person you should stick to entities who are known to be patient and good with new magicians. Like Lucifer. People generally advise newer magicians to not approach Lilith or Belial until they have more experience. Or wait for Lilith to come to you, that’s a message I just felt.

Evocation always works, even if you don’t feel like it did. On the rare instance a demon purposely doesn’t answer your call you can usually sense their distance. Or you will once your sensing gets better.