Importance of proper pronunciation of incantations

I have been reading a lot of older posts. There is so much knowledge to take in - I’m excited. Anyway - to the point— one of the posts I found was regarding angelic incantations for a variety of things. I understand that vibration is important, opening the throat chakra and such. How important is the exact pronunciation to the correct vibration?

I have heard so say it’s all about intent, but it seems to me that if the vibration of the sounds is the important part you have to “say” it correctly. Much like a opera singer breaking a crystal cup, of the pitch and vibration are not perfect nothing is going to happen.

So, how do you know if you are saying the words correctly?

I would say it’s probably 50/50, depending on the incantation.

Generally, you can feel the energetic vibration when you are doing it correctly. At least, that is the way it is for me. I like playing around with different pronunciations and tones when i’m chanting, but when I hit the correct one, I can usually feel the difference. It’s like a sort of “click” for me and my voice will change, sometimes going deeper, sometimes going higher.


I agree with @DarkestKnight you’ll sense when you’ve hit the right pronunciation. A feeling of power will flow through you like you’ve turned on the lights. It’ll be a noticable shift.