Importance of keeping your experience grounded

I have not really seen this topic here.

There is a trend in the occult of people, mostly teens starting to discover magick and jump off to the deep end. They start to interact with demons and spirits, but have no safe guards. They will have visions that they don’t tests, and they will work with entities that they may or not be ready for. The result, after some time of practice they believe that they are some grand demon, they become short tempered and curse anyone who look at them wrong.
But do they show real result no, they are stuck in a self deluding fantasy of being some grand demonic being and still cant manifest real power.
I agree with what Ea said, that if you claim to be a child of Loki for instance and cant get a job, something is not right.

I have not really seen this here on balg, most people here have great result. It’s my belief that to protect oneself from self delusion it’s important to test every scrying, to test every spirit, to demand tangible result. To ground oneself and come back from that spiritual high, not lingering in the abyss.

I would really love to hear some of your experience, and if you have seen this self delusion happen to people, and what you do to protect yourself from getting lost in some fantasy, rather than producing real result.

As for the teens, they are young, naive, and have no clue what they are really dealing with. Most of them have no jobs or have parents that would not support the purchases of magickal books, so I think most of them have no way of learning other than what they have seen in movies and by hearing the experiences of their peers, which are usually 100% false, wrong, or close to it. So they become wrapped up in a fantasy world of false expectations as they do not want to admit to themself or others, that they have no real power so they create a dellusion to keep this false reality going. I can understand how that would happen. Most teens have no one they can confide in magick wise, that will help them ascend and help them distinguish correct methods from wrong methods.

But I understand what you mean. If you don’t expect unrealistic results, then you will not get unrealistic results and are more apt to remain grounded. And when something verifiable and proveable with your own 5 senses happens during ritual or evocation, it can be hard not to give in to an extreme cycle of dellusion, because you crave that next verifiable experience to the point that you may start manifesting things in your mind which do not not exist and are not actually happening. I have had some extreme experiences when I too, had to step back and say did this really happen or am I dellusional?

Why so ranting? shouldn’t we concentrate on the positive, in this weird existence even the strangest things may work for some.

I was just speculating on what I’ve seen over the years. I know my statement is not true of all teens but, most of the teens I’ve spoken to that asked me for advice, those that had some pretty odd ideas, eventually later stated oh I saw that on The Craft, Charmed, Bless the Child, etc.