Implanting thoughts

Does anybody know of a technique to implant thoughts in somebody’s mind that will then influence their behavior so that they will do what you want? I want to do that to my ex gf so that she will contact me.

It is called psychic magick.
When people are in your area or from a distance?

Very funny actually, i was just using some techniques to influence an annoying room mate of a friend of mine with great succes xp

would you share your techniques mate? :wink:

Push your thoughts/ intent into their aura

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I must say i am not a professional (yet xP)
What @Asorotiath says is true.
There needs to be a certain frequenty between intent, thought and focus.
Visualisation can be helpfull. (thoughtball technique for example which i did a few houres ago)

Few weeks back i was in a workshop for something job related which was boring as fuck.
So i decided to experiment on the teacher by giving her need for coffee and sweets.
i focussed my intent by using a mantra, opening my ajna chakra and accumulated the power from there towards her.
What also was very helpful was focussing on the feeling of what i wanted her to feel.
The taste of fresh coffee and some sweets.
i used to consentrate on the saliva in my mouth by visualising the taste while focussing on her mouth

Man, you’ve must have seen her drinking that first cup after the few hours teaching.
Pure craving.
i asked her ‘in need for coffee?’
‘YEEAAH!!!’ she almost grunted xD.

… and that happiness when she found out there was a plate of cookies hidden after the coffee machine


You can try EA candle love spell. One is the youtube video and the other is the same information but in an article format.

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Marticus-From a distance.

I wrote this on a topic a while ago:

Turning the visualisation itself into spellwork can be a good method.
I did it once to sombody who approached me wrong.
I was so mad that i put on some candles, incense and perhaps you can make use of a quartz crystal, or something else to keep in your hands for energy transmission (a picture of the person, some dna, object that belongs to the person)
Meditate on the feelings and energy that they awoke within you and visualise what you want that happends very clearly.
Speak it aloud as if you talk to him/her personally , shout ask questions, whatever.
As long as you visualize everything (the feelings, everything) very clearly.
When you feel you’re done, put an hermetic approach to the working and say something like ‘it is done’ and blow out the candles, end the working etc