Is any one here mortal or living +100 years ?
Does anyone knows how to be mortal ?
Or know someone is ??

Everybody is mortal. That means you die.

Do you mean immortal? I’m not aware of anyone here that’s over 100 yet. They probably wouldn’t be on social media. As people get to a certain level they seem to drop off social media for the most part.

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They stay in hiding.

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Living to 100+ is hardly immortal just a mixture of good genetics and health. Oldest person so far lived to be 122.

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If anybody is immortal, they are certainly hiding.

Some spiritual currents believe that the soul is already immortal, while others hold that it’s necessary to (so to speak) detach mind’s pieces from the body, assemble them together and reach a condition of survival, then transform it in immortality. It’s possible to begin with a practice of mental void consisting in ignoring the thoughts. Spiritual immortality also has a connection with the 2 goals of salvation and liberation: first one pursued by exotericism (religion) and the second by esotericism.
As for physical immortality, a practice may be to repeat the mantra “Arul perum jothi, arul perum jothi, thani perum karunai, arul perum jothi” (“Vast grace light, vast grace light, supreme compassion, vast grace light”). You may think it while inhaling, visualizing a white or golden light entering you, or continuosly repeat both mantra and visualization. Look into Dzogchen, Kriya Yoga, Taoism etc. as well.

Let me clarify. Having an “immortal” body is possible, but the only person I know who has pulled it off was very, very intense. Are you willing to give your life to ascent? Good chance you’ll eventually find immortality.

Feel free to take my comment with a grain of salt, I know you will. The people here are smart, but they seem to limit themselves regardless on things because they’ve never seen it before.

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It’s not limiting really when you make physical claims without proof and being sketchy like making a half assed statement full of holes or attempts to be mysterious.


I know, @Velenos , I said don’t take my word for it.

Maybe its because of its nonsense lol.


As of now, no.

But if we managed to figure out a way to prevent the telomeres in our DNA to stop shortening after each cell division (such as through nanotechnology), there might be time where physical immortality may become a thing. It would be interesting to see how that would effect magic and the soul overall.

In the book Teachings of a Taoist Immortal by Stuart Alve Olsen, the author talks about a man in China who lived for 250 years. According to Olsen, his birth and death dates (he died around 1960 or so after falling from a horse) are documented in the records of the Chinese government. If true, it would make him the oldest living person ever recorded.



so you know an immortal person? lol right


Ah thanks for correcting me lol. I only knew of Jeanne Calment

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I wasn’t correcting you so much as pointing out that there are some records purporting to be older. I don’t know if it is true or not though, because I don’t know if Chinese government birth records are available to the public and can actually be checked.

China does have a history of long lived individuals though, more so than here in the West.


You know demons, what’s so crazy about someone who hasn’t died in a few hundred years?

Make no mistake, immortality is possible. Its become an actual topic among the scientific community. A friend has also had an experience with one of the Taoist immortals and we almost went to his temple.

With that said, one should always be moderately skeptical, especially when someone is making unsubstantiated claims.

Definitely. They’ve learned how to materialize, teleport, fly, who knows what else. I’ve read in books, such as Autobiography of a Yogi about encounters with Mahavatar Babaji and his immortal crew. It is said aswell, as in Christ from India (both books from Paramahamsa Yogananda) that Jesus was revived by a guru that flew to him and he lived the rest of his days on earth in India beloved by the people. He can materialize his form in this plane at will. He’s much more that a “lightworker” as people call it. In a channeling Pamela Aarilyn made of Jesus/Yeshua he said to ascend people should work with the darkness as well as the light. He isn’t a my little pony as many people think. He’s raised people from the dead (Lazarus, necromancy), changed substances, materialized things, and healed people. He was a badass black magician with an awesome moral compass. Though personally, I haven’t worked with him.

For my own interest, what’s the appeal? I fear being hooked up to machines for far too long if I live long enough? Why prolong something like that?

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