Bottom vid is spot on while being in laymans terms, very cool! Lots of people are trying to figure out how to lengthen telomeres themselves


I won’t say that it’s impossible but the time and energy as well as effort to achieve it would be ridiculous, you may even die in the process before achieving this goal, wasting all of the above.

The Cons also outnumber the pros.

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If I’m being realistic OP, we are a smaller/lower version of our higher selves and godforms. I, at my core, for lack of better terms and for general understanding, will always be them, until those cycles change and shift.

The truth is, the body is irrelevant. I may cease to be the human but the cycle of energy is the same, unless the cycle changes or something. Does that make sense? There’s no real use for it imo.

I’d much rather be Big Me than be stuck as this rather temporary Little Me.


So create a stack of sigils related to all the things they mentioned as well as the individual health of each organ and the general health of the body. If magic can, on occasion, deal with genetic diseases (or at least their expression) then microbiology is an open field, especially once you have enough of an idea what you want to go for. You can find images of most proteins online, those by themselves might work as decent magical symbols.