ea talks about reincarnation and immortality. i’m very interested. see, i want to master all this stuff but i don’t really feel… mature enough. i barely have the discipline to get out of bed before 2 pm let alone to take on all the responsibility that comes with being a god. so how can i get immortal enough to have infinite time to master all this stuff but spend my human life doing whatever i want? the idea being that i can drink and eat junk food all day every day and spend my next lifetime or perhaps death mastering all this? any ideas?

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Sounds like a catch 22.
You will just have to start somewhere and hope you finish before you die lol.

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That crap’s addictive, the effects are stronger with some people than others, but the feeling between meals isn’t just hunger, it’s cravings.

Try a low-carb diet with fresh food, or even a vegan diet with wholefoods, see if you don’t feel better within days.