Immortality and light body


Have you had experience with light body activation and the possible solution to immortality and breaking the obssessive rebirth cycle we may be experiencing?


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As far as i know The Light Body is the Astral Body in my Paradigm, of Course this may Change from Magician to Magician.

If your Talking about the Astral Body or even the Causal one, the Mental one etc… they are already Active, you only need to Learn how to Opperate in them Consciously, At First, when your new to using your Astral Body and all the sense that come with it such as Astral Sight, Astral Hearing etc…

You will be somehow ‘‘Limited’’ , its the same things with the Physical Body, You learn to use it and do more things with time and Practice.

As For Immortality, Most people are not aware of their Body, not able to see with them consciously etc… so when they die they Black Out and reincarnate without any Knowledge of that and the Cycle start again(The Difference with us, Magician, is that we become aware of our Past Life very Clearly if we want to and use the proper Method, while Mundane People never really get into it Deeply)
We Magician, by Learning to use these Body can Choose to not Reincarnate if Strong Enough and if your able to sustain your Astral Body, Learning Vampirism while in your Physical Body can be a way to do so. So yes, Learning how to use your Different Subtle Body can allow you a Form of Immortality.

I hope this Helped you!

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