Imhotep as a healer

Have you ever worked with Imhotep as a healer for trauma and fear? And do you think he would be any good at healing chakras?

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The Mummy from the Mummy movies?

he was a priest and chancellor of The Egyptian Pharaoh Djoser, but he was later deified into a God of Medicine, so in theory yes he would be good to call on for healing then even later merged into Thoth, but I am leaning more to him as his own entity as the merging was only due to the association to health.


Not the fictional character.

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Imhotep, it reminds me of the mummy… As I could see in the movie he was a powerful man… But does he really exist?

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The human did exist.


How about his spirit now? Is that still the same as he were as a human? Sorry for the dumb question… So far I know I only know i only know the spirits anubis, ra and cleopatra

He was deified into a God of healing.


Wow that’s pretty amazing! Thanks for telling, I keep learning more this way. :heart:


I gonna check the link, thank you very much!


So do you think I should summon Thoth then, instead? Which would you choose for my situation?

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Well Thoth was originally a lunar God who became associated with healing and Imhotep was a human who became a God associated with healing.

I believe they can be used together if you wish, but if not Imhotep works fine solo.

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Are there any good invocations of Imhotep, either as a healer or in general?

Imhotep was a famous architect and engineer in life before he was defied. I’m not sure how much help he would be with metaphysical healing although perhaps he’s learned some things since then so it can’t hurt trying. You might have more luck with Isis or Thoth or Asklepios and Apollon if you don’t mind greek deities.

He showed up yesterday indicating I was to call him to heal me in my heart (not physical). So he is capable as a metaphysical healer.

I was asking for a good invocation. :slight_smile:

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That’s interesting to find out. I wasn’t sure about healing capabilities since that was later attributed to him much later after he was syncretized with Thoth who originally solely held that role. That’s why said you may as well just reach to Thoth since he was the original. I’m glad you found your invocation though so all’s well ends well.

I didn’t find one, so I’d love it if someone could post one or the link to a good one that’s been proven to work.

I did find another way to work with him though. :slight_smile:

Read up on him.
Learn about him as the individual that he was.
Then call on him.
Is that connection that you have established, comma will lead him to you.