Imbolc 2019

So guys what kind of important rituals will you do tonight? Call of the 9 Infernal divinities, a complete walkthrough of the Qliphot or maybe one to channel the 9 Kings of Lucifer? :sun_with_face:
Happy Imbolc!


That sounds great!
But I don’t personally celebrate sabbats.
My plans are for the upcoming new moon in
Aquarius 15°44
Internal freedom ritual with belial so I can mirror external changes.
Edit: happy imbolc btw

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I intended to do a ceremony making a corn doll & baking something to leave out. But after a rec3nt death I’m not prepared. I do have a fresh batch of home brew cider so am intending to make an offering of that at my outdoor shrine.

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I did a money spell but nothing too extravagant. I barely had the time to do that.

It truly fascinates me how accurate the ancients were in their understanding of nature.

I’m in the Midwest US presently, and the last couple days have been record low temperature…below zero wind chill. Then today as Imbolc begins, the snow melts and the temp climbs enough to crack my windows while driving.

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Ritual of the Qliphot done! It is great to celebrate Imbolc. I love Thaumiel it inspires me through Sathan, Lucifer and Moloch.