So last night as i was going to sleep i saw image coming out of fog sio drew it

Then laid back again to sleep and another imag the same way looks lik a rune quick sketch
Any ideas ?
Im actually still not with it much drs took lotta blood (nothing to be concerned about) but im so tired.
Was too tired to meditate last night.
Anyway. When i look at it i thought Azazel sigil and rune
Anyone have a clue? ?


In norse runes it it looks like

  1. Dagaz
  2. Thuraz.

Runes are not my specialty - if anyone can correct me please id be greatful


The first one looks like a bind rune of Sowilo and Isa. Almost like the sunwheel is frozen solid.


Oh. Ok I’ll look up those. Thanks

Happy to help :slight_smile: