Images of spirits taken at evocation?

I would be really interested to see others photographs of spirit formations at any part of the ritual.

I have captured quite a few and I really find it fascinating what form they take .

I would enjoy seeing anybody elses for sure if you would be willing to share.

I attach one of my own of a clear skull formation


That is pretty solid! Do you have others?

I for one have only had things appear after, signs like Glasya-Labolas making dogs bark and such. More on topic is solid candle wax formations, though I’m no pro at wax reading! Do you use a lot of incense?

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I have a few others, yes. I use ordinary incense cones. This one was Dragons blood for King Belial.

The clearest on is Glasya Labolas . It amazed and scared me at the same time!

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He is one for immediate signs, that one… I love it. After an evocation of him once in a field there was a man with a dog behind me who strolled up. I made up some bullshit excuse on taking a photo of the dog (“Oh my fiance loves big dogs! Could I get a photo?”) the man was excited to show the dog but the dog kept this stance and face.

Last evocation just loud dogs barking from a few homes as I stepped a bit into my outer backyard. Really amazing!

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Love it. I adore spirit communication and never tire of hearing about it. thank you for sharing

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this seems very interesting

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