Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As



This is how Bog Veles appears to me:



Finally could find anything that resembles Enki aka Satan ( or lucifer if you go with that view but I don’t)

Like this but probably facially older, more like someone who’s a good 50 year old say. Sometimes he wears red too.


Belial likes to shapeshift a lot when we talk, one of his forms that stands out is (very close to) this


Uh sorry but the sigil word doesn’t say gamingin


Gamigin is also known as Samigina.


Oh i see. Thanks


Belial: he came to me exactly like this with 3/4s of his body coming out of a black cross

and this


i couldnt make this up even if i wanted too i called Lucifuge Rofocal abit ago and this is what he appeared as to me. and its funny i was thinking about this post when seen him and it popped up.



Lady Lilith at her waters as she appeared to me.

She was exuding sex appeal to test my resolve to stay focused.

She was also naked. But I couldn’t find a tasteful picture oh, so I went with this one.


Nakedness represents being without a mask or restriction openness bearing ones all. If she was young then that is an allure to the beginning and by water we all know how it represents flow of emotions think if the waters were dark it is eathers… creations juices and the maiden.
She has shown you more than sensuality.


Belial has shown up twice as a tall, dark haired guy with a really piercing blue eyes.


My own artwork (besides the Phopherus one) inspired by evocation:




Frost/Ice Jotnar


You’re Archangel Gabriel looks very similar to how Raphael appeared to me. He was a neon blue opaque energy. Fully hooded. Humanoid.


Yeah, I know. There’s a lot of self-exploration that happened.

I would never think that lady Lilith is simply trying to seduce me, although she is incredibly sexy, her depth is much deeper than a simple seductress. Her knowledge is what attracts me to her, the fact that she could make a gay man consider her allure is nothing more than a side bonus.


I was just reading through this, I got chills when I saw the pic of Belial because he appeared to me in a dream literally exactly like that




Angelina Jolie played a Lilith-type entity in the movie version of Beowulf.


Angelina Jolie is just so pretty


I don’t know if I already told this one, I didn’t see it.

This is how Lucifer appeared for me in a ritual about 3 weeks ago. He looked almost exactly like this, but his eyes were burning with the beauty of the sun. I’ve never been more in love with him then in that moment. I called upon him for his infernal protection over my family, a group that I work with, and myself. His eyes, I’ll never forget his beautiful eyes.


Lucifer appears to me only as a glowing form of his sigil. I wonder why