Image burned out of nowhere

Hello people, about an hour ago I was doing some meditations and repeating Kamdev’s mantras for ignite interest in a person towards me . I was in a deep trance when suddenly the darkness and a smell that was not the sandalwood stick woke me up from my state and when I opened my eyes the image of Kamdev was on fire. Immediately turn off the fire and I stay in shock without knowing if it is a good or bad signal. My relationship with him is good and he has always answered me well and I have not done anything bad that could bother him. I’m a little scared. What do you think? Have you had similar stories?


It seems that you were doing everything right.
I have heard of things like this happening before.
Don’t fear it, but simply understand that it might have just been Kamdev’s presence was so strong in the physical world that it affected something physical which in this case was his image starting on fire.

I hope this can help you out.

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