IMA curse the bitch to an agonizing death

So I get to work, climb the welded sheet metal cheese grater steps to paint. I start to shake and hyperventilate, then ooo long Johnson myself back down to the landing, calm down and take a smoke break. Heights are part of the job. I’m deathly afraid of heights. I know where it stems from. Forty some years ago as a child at the hands of a sociopathic babysitter.
When my sister and I were children, this bitch would invite her boyfriend over for sex. She would make us climb on top of the garage roof and threaten us so she could fuck on our couch.
If her boyfriend wanted smokes, she would have us climb down, take our other car and threaten us to stay down and hide down on the backseat floor board.
If she Is alive IMA curse her. If she’s dead I’m going to resurrect her and curse her to death.


I like your spirit :blush:


Lmao. Go get her brother.

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You need to get the fuck rid of that phobia as well IMO! :+1:

What have you tried so far?


Tried three times to go higher and nearly had a siezure. I think hypnosis is a good first step.


Emotional Freedom Technique can help - aka EFT, tapping.

LOTS of free online info, so I’ll let you do the digging - based on accupuncture and unwiring traumatic memories.


I’m scared of heights and used to work in construction too.

My advice, focus on the wall in front of you.


Right on … Thanks :slight_smile:

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I love the attitude. I myself have vowed to curse a certain enemy so badly that they’ll suffer until their last breath — and when they die I’ll summon their ghost and torment them in the afterlife as well >:)


OH, the beauty of that statement, only someone with advanced knowledge of necromancy will be able to appreciate it.

Lol, reminds me of when I was in yacht construction, and we started with an empty haul. My boss would walk along the 1 foot wide side and tell me to follow him.

Which quickly led to me telling him to shove it, while I climbed in and took the long way to the tip of the bow. :joy: