Im trying to get revenge, a help of demon?

I have a friend, he made a pact with demon to get revenge by haunting. The demon shares a body with him and it has a positive impact on him. I want to do the same, he said people from the forum could explain it better than he could. I want to do the same thing. What do I do?

There’s at least three things going on here by my count - a daemonic pact, a long-term invocation aka possession, and work by the entity to do a haunting.

Did you want to do all three? I’d say, start by researching them separately (search icon top right) and figure out who you want to work with first.

If you only want a daemon to go haunt someone for you,you can do an evocation you don’t need the other two.
If you only want the possession, there’s no rule that you need a pact for that.
If you want a pact, you will be making your own deal with whoever you work with, since they might not want the same things your friend’s daemon wanted.


Alright thanks