I'm totally disappointed 😣

I don’t find myself succeed with this Invocation anymore I’m having big challenges that I wish I could solve but I’m still falling into a huge problems I really don’t see a way out I think I’m done being here I’m very stressed.

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What’s going on? Maybe I can help?

I have alot of debt I was seeking for knowledge and guidance in my trading business so that I can be able to pay all my debt I was told to summon Azazel and Lucifer I tried to invoke them several times and the first day I had a very good results of turning from 100-500 but today I loosed 500 just as if I don’t know how trade .and I tried to call Lucifer today but I wasnt successful I also tried to call AZAZEL but nothing happened I think I’m not destined to work with them for anything.

You just started. Nothing happens within a day or a week, some times not even within a month. For what you’re seeking Azazel isn’t the one to help you.


I see that’s why I decided to quit because everyone is telling me things that I don’t understand.

Try with gods of commerce like Mercury or Yacatecuhtli
Or with demons like Claunek and Mammon.
It will take time to be able to communicate with them, so if you’re in for a quick solution then yes, this might not be for you.


Read Jason millers financial socerey

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If you don’t seem to understand what everyone is saying, you probably have to go to the basics of magic. If you’re jumping straight into conjuration, am I right to assume you don’t know what a trance state is? Do you know how to funnel intention, or will? In other words, how will you summon something if you can’t focus enough to communicate with it?

Look up books on the basics of magic. This is a skill, you won’t become powerful in a day.

Keep trying! When It happens you’ll be happy, I was told by another witch that I lack clear channels. You need to be a clear channel so they communicate with you properly!

Remove all mental clutter and obstacles, any habits that tarnish the mind too. When I followed these steps, it happened to work better and more often. Take care

You are not patient enough. I tend to be like that too, don’t worry. But you need to take it easy, just because you did a ritual doesn’t mean that you will be the best and win all the time.

In your life you will have more failures than successes. That’s how it is unfortunately. But you must not give up. Because when you finally have succes it will be worth it.

Just like others said, work with more fitting entities: Bune, Clauneck, Nitika, Jupiter etc.


Firstly – you can look to angelic magic as well as demonic.

Secondly – it sounds like you are heavily lusting for results, which tends to “freeze the pipeline” so to speak. Oh trust me, I know. A watched kettle never boils, and all that. I know it is so easy to say “just let go/stop thinking about it”, but it is very difficult to do. But the more time you spend thinking “I am so poor, I need this to change, when will it change, is it changing right now? Where are the signs? Where are my results?” – the more you will embody the state of desire and lack, which prevents fulfilment.

So, what to do? Some suggestions - because I find that while it is helpful to suggest entities to work with, ultimately if you are getting in your own way by being obsessed with the outcome, then you will not reap the harvest. Imagine planting a seed and then digging it up every few hours to see if it has grown shoots.

If you find yourself worrying about a lack of money, then first change your mindset. I don’t say this lightly. It takes practice and discipline. It may not be easy at first. It may be very difficult. You may feel like you are lying to yourself and living in delusion. But, you should persist. And if you need to, you should conjure or petition other entities who can assist you: whether it be helping to change your mindset or mood, or to give you calm in a time of turbulence, or to give you the patience to endure stasis.

Instead of “Oh god, when will I be free of debt?” you should think to yourself “How is it that wealth flows to me so effortlessly?” – or better yet – picture yourself, in first person, in the future, wealthy and free of any financial concerns, as your future self you think, “Oh, I remember when I was so concerned about money, and now I have more than I know what to do with. Isn’t it incredible how everything worked out in my favour?” – and try your hardest to embody the feeling which that statement represents – you are wealthy, so wealthy that poverty and debt is not something that you have even thought about for months or years – you’re You, looking back on a time when it was a concern – neutrally, from a place of abundance, with a rueful smile and a shake of your head, because the You that exists now is someone who lives a life so comfortable that they never even think about financial concerns.

I wish you the best.

Edited to add; do you know that if you hover your mouse over the emoji in your thread’s title, it says “persevere”?

So, persevere. Time goes on, night follows day. Your circumstances may change, but only you can change your mindset. So – persevere.