I'm Talia & so much more

That I’m a witch that’s part a group called The Order. The Order is a centuries-old worldwide Luciferian group of high magick practitioners devoted to the study and practice of demonology. It’s said we have by far the most experience and consistent success in the summoning, invocations, and evocations of all demons. We have the goal of correcting misconceptions regarding demons and wish to provide the tools to help other practitioners achieve better results in demonic evocation.

Do you know who is your Patron and Ancestor Demon?

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Other than this non biographical spew that reads like an advertisement you would find in the back of a comic book, please tell us about YOU.

What type of magick do YOU practice? How long have YOU been a practitioner?

This tells spam tells us nothing and does not fit our criteria for a proper introduction.

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@TaliaS sorry to hit you up with a bunch of infos but this reads like either an advertisement for a paid service, or like you are offering to do readings for members. :thinking:

You probably didn’t see our full ruleset because people don’t always find it on first pass, but in fact, advertising is completely prohibited, you may place a link to any commercial enterprise or groups in your forum profile (but please don’t indicate to people to “click my profile” etc., that’s more or less just the same as posting the link) and we have a specific rule requiring people be reasonably active on here for 3 calendar months before offering free 1-2-1 readings or services of any kind, link below - the only exception to that is public readings offered in this topic: Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0

This explains the 3-month rule:

This is a full explanation of our community rules:

If you still want to stick around and be part of our community, you’re more than welcome, but please share a little about your own journey and experiences, we generally find that helps us all keep it real and helps members respect one another, instead of having pissing contests and flamewars over whose groups has most powahs, whose truths are most truthful, and so on. :smiley:

What tf a advertisement??!! I wanted to get the words right so I didn’t mis-speak. I guess I still did! I will try again when I’m not so pissed off.