I'm taking on serious students for free


Full ? Wish I dident spend 45 mins with a glitching keyboard to be mislead. …how come this topic is still within the latest or most recent threads?

Would be courteous for you to change or rectify this so hopefuls are not mislead. …


Lady_Eva will close the thread shortly

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Please let me join!!! I’m a total NOOB and wish to learn!!!


Me too please take me


I’m interested.


Please add me, I’m interested.


The class will resume in 2 months.

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Hmmm… A bit interested but I dont have Discord. PM me, so we can talk about if Im someone you can even teach


i´m interested, you can see my magical experiences here (there isn´t too much since i started doing it 3 weeks ago)

since then, i didn´t do too much since i´m busy with college


I am interested, add me.


I’m interested. Been getting heavily into energy work lately, mainly through Robert Bruce’s New Energy Ways.


I accidentally left… I completely forgot we’re having more classes. It’d be cool of I could be reinvited but that’s up to you.


What will you teaching parzifal


Could you tell me what your background is? What is your “speciality”? Whst traditiion?



Definitely interested in participating.


So, when will this starts?