I'm stumped and need help

My friend had talked to me the other day and mentioned that her Grandfather at one point for a lack of better words was in love with women and often slept around with them. He had this one woman that he fell in love with but she left him. He turned to someone who dealt in what she believes is black magic, but I’m not sure if it is. Anyways, he wanted her back with him so the witch had told him things to do and all she could remember was that he was told to leave one shoe inside the front door and another one outside of the front door and the witch would do the rest. He smelt sulfur and remembered feeling uncomfortable and left the house and threw the shoes. This also took place in Mexico if that has anything to help as well. I informed her that not all magic is evil until someone makes it that way as well as not all deities are evil either weither or not people make them appear that way. Ive tried to fo some research but am stumped. If you know anything please let me know. Thanks!

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It seems to me that she did black magic or witchcraft. Most white magic doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable in their own home or smell feces, gas, sulphur, etc.

I would advise he do a full physical cleaning of his place, and tell the woman who left him what occurred. Without knowing of the guy has a religion, and needs to repent etc. This should clear the air so to speak. Even better if a banishing is done as well. Holy water/annointed oil, sage, frankincense, etc.

Mexico I know nada about. Sorry.

This is all described as happening in the past. Is there something going on now that is a problem?