I'm stuck

I’m stuck in the practice section of the training course I do not know how long to do each practice I have a busy schedule for how many days should I do in exercise all at once for 3 days or for a week I have no idea I’ve got to the point where I can feel the feeling but then I stopped because of my schedule what is the closest time to get better results

It takes as long as it takes to get results, you can’t necessarily put a number on it.

Can you join a local meditation group or something? Anything where you can be present in a real space, with other people pursuing a genuine spiritual practice, even RHP, will give you a better sense of how this works, I know all the workshops and trainings I did really helped me.

Things like that cost a lot of money but there are usually free (or donation-only) meditation groups, stuff like that - try meetup.com and search for some forums about spiritual healing, people into that are usually aware of local groups and free events.

I really think that will help you more than a lot of online yackitty-yack :o) from anyone, right now.

You might check out Robert Bruce on YouTube. I know he has helped a lot of people.

Anytime you get into magick and spiritual things, you should always have an Everyday practice, doing something no matter how small. Even if its taking a bathroom break at work for 10 minutes and then just sitting back, clearing your head and going into a Trance. As I cannot comment directly on E.A.'s material, but I can say that if you say do Astral travel and different meditations on the side… then the different meditations may indirectly affect your Astral Travel practice.

Do you sleep at night? How many hours? That’s where you can save time from, time that you can put into training.

95% of my practice is happening during bed hours. I tap into various techniques and prolonged meditation states during that time. I spend 2-3h every night.

I sleep 3 hours a day (maybe 4 sometimes) and it has no negative effect on me. Because meditation, puts my body and brain into a state of recuperation that is much greater than sleep.

To add. Nothing stops you from performing a ritual esoterically. If you’re not able to astral project yet and do ritual work there, visualization is your next best thing.