I'm starting to blame depression on human progress (Just a rant)

So I’ve been doing some thinking. Humans have sought to improve their lot in life through science and technology. The issue with this is this has lead humans bit by bit to a lazy, isolated existence.

One thing I’ve dealt with constantly is deciding to go out and deal with my anxiety or stay in and deal with my depression. When I go out, sometimes I have a good time and feel like I’m actually breathing for once. Other times, I feel so much coming at me and I’m unprepared. When I don’t go out, sometimes I feel like I’m rotting away from the inside. I think humans absorb energy from other living things. This includes other humans. So socialization is a literal exchange of energy. And we need this energy like we need oxygen just to function properly.

I get it. The world is scary and people can be mean. So, it’s just easier to bar one’s self inside. But the fact is that’s the nature of the world. I often tell myself that “Life is Chaos.” This is to mean life has conflict. But that conflict only makes the world more meaningful. I feel as if many of us have been fed this idea that we are entitled to a life without conflict or challenges. Maybe that’s just my generation, but I can feel this idea echoing in my head. Above all, I do not think too many people have been properly taught to deal with adversity.
So we’ve barred ourselves from the world and have allowed technology to act as a substitution.

As an aspiring fantasy writer, I feel as if this is part of why so many of us are attracted to fiction, both writing it, watching it, reading it, and playing it. We use art to channel our need for a world where there are challenges and powers to overcome them without isolation. Instead, the more our favorite characters and avatars advance in skill, they seek out greater challenges while we’d rather watch reality tv instead of going to a party.

Personally, I feel as if humans are weak. I think this because when we make progress, we don’t grow stronger. We get fatter, slower, and dumber. After all, there’s clearly a difference between me vs an ancient Nordic warrior. I worry if that’s just the way human nature is, that we are programmed to be this way. I worry that there are less and less opportunities for socialization, and eventually humans will exist in a totally isolated lifestyle cut off from the world except for work or school. Even then, we may just let technology them.

I crave human contact. I just don’t know how to get it.

No, I’m not asking for help. I just felt the need to say this.


I often feel like this too.
Even when you meet someone, often they end up looking at their phones at some point. Not everyone think about it or see it and I think that’s where people that do see should come in. I feel like more people’s attention should be bring to real human’s nature, which is in connection with nature, even though I’m not sure how to get to it yet.
Generation now and next ones are raised along technology - their parents are busy so they give them phones/tablets to play with. When I was a kid, we were running outside, finding ourselves something to do without help of a little device. If they never experience it, they can’t go back to it.
It’s also not that people get dumb, but they choose to not grow and stay inside their little castle, because they are scared of what’s difference and change. It’s all fear nowadays, so I’m really trying with small things to connect to people and show them that it can be different.

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Technology is being used to REGRESS and ENSLAVE society. As the beast (dictatorship) rises from the ocean it becomes VISIBLE, this leads to paranoia of rebellion against it. The result deems obsessive focus on the control of the enslaved.



I would argue that convience is what is stunting progress, not depression. For example, one of the great promises when social media sites emerged was that it would allow people to be able to connect with others over long distances at real time. However, our verbal and written communication is only a part of what it means to communicate. There is also body language, pheromones and other stimuli involved to allow one to feel “connected” to someone else. This is why talking to friends online vs in person can be a completely different experience that our ancestors did not know.

Another example, we are wired to crave three main tastes:salty, sweet, and fatty. This is because they had essential nutrients that our ancestors needed for survival that were not common during the time of hinter gather cultures. Now you can satisfy all three at a fast food joint easily. This can lead to overeating without self control, and these businesses make millions by hijacking that human instinct.

I would argue that depression is the symptom of this over reliance on convience. Depression has been viewed as an evolutionary trait to increase problem solving skills through making the individual obsessed over the issue. Many people I have talked to admit that they have trouble finding in this fast paced world. Working hard for something can lead to greater joy when you finally reach the goal, whether we are talking as small as being successful at a home repair job or actually really connecting to another person through a conversation. Rushing through things to get the easy solution seems to only diminish the value of it in the end.

I am rambling at this point. I hope this is interesting/helpful in some way


Well, nice to tell people to get out and met people, and now, nope, cause you might spread or get the virus. They are going to close all non-essential bushiness tomorrow evening where I live. Social life should not be going to the grocery store, but that is what it is going to be (and think of all the germs there cause everyone goes there, ew.)
I mean, okay, I was never big on going out, but I made myself go out, because I was worried about getting depressed again. Well, you can still video chat with something like https://jami.net/ or https://jitsi.org/ . You can still pick up energy even from forum posts. (but apparently viruses can’t spread that way.)
Also, I know there was a big emphasis on driving to work for the office jobs because you are getting the social, but now all those people have been told to work from home, but even before the virus, all those people making commutes to the office was killing people cause it filled up the road with cars, making driving more dangerous.