I'm Sorry, AlphaC

Hey guys, this is AlphaC
A while back I got banned from this forum, I had been planning to leave the forum for a while already I just wasn’t happy with the state of the forum not seeing anymore serious discussion.
What I did was an immature and stupid move, I went around trolling multiple individuals borderline bullying, I’ll be frank looking back now I’m not sure what really got into me, I loved this forum pulling a stupid stunt like that was wrong, I honestly don’t know why I did it, I should have just requested a temporary suspension, I don’t know maybe I needed to leave as part of my ascension either way what I did was stupid period.
To the following individuals
@DarkestKnight, I’m sorry for being a dick, what I did was immature and plain retarded.
@Fallen_Angel, I’m sorry for being a dick, what I said was uncalled for and rude.
And to that individual I picked on who had just joined the forum when I got banned, I’m sorry this forum is nothing like how I might have presented it to you.
And to the Individual who sent me a nice “Fair well gift”, No beef, I know who you are, and Again, I’m sorry for being a dick head, I’m not going to start anything in between us, I’m not pointing names
I just want to make it clear that I apologize.

I’m sorry for behaving as such, It might not seem to a big deal to some on the forum, but to me It is.
Since I’m already banned I’m not sure If I can exactly redeem myself, but either way, I apologize.
Sincerely, AlphaC.


Ayyyy :metal:
Welcome back Bruh :metal:

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Aww I missed you and hope you can come back.

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I’m glad to hear that you are doing well.

But… you weren’t exactly contributing to serious discussion so I don’t know where that is coming from sweetie. Ya know I like you but…🤷

Either way, good to hear from you buddy.

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I’ve come back to seriously help the community I care about, not eat shit anymore.


Well, I can vouch for the fact that you can be quite helpful… when you aren’t too busy stabbing voodoo dolls that is :rofl:


I was just wondering about you a couple days ago, TBH. Well, it’s good to see you’re doing alright, though.

I’m glad you’re back I hope you get to stay I missed you being around

althought i dont know much about you i just hope lady eva doesnt ban you again, i have seen banned people twice someone called jhondoe

What did you even say?

I’m surprised you even know my identity after I changed it but then again you’re not dumb like a lot of the people I’m around.

Either way apology accepted. It’s whatever. Feel free to email or pm me or whatever (I think I still have pms shut off RN.)

@Lady_Eva, why not give him a second chance? After all wasn’t his ban supposed to be temporary?

#FreeMyBoyAlphaC :pray::pray::pray:


@Lokthoriel DO NOT post in any other thread again until @Lady_Eva comes on and makes a ruling on whether or not to let you stay. Because you are far from back on this forum yet and doing so does you no favors, in fact it kind of shows you’ll still ignore the rules whenever it suits you…So just a friendly heads up, making good impressions and all that.

Also if you have not done so already i highly recommend you PM her an make a very sincere and will thought out reason why she should reverse her decision.

And of course the others here are free to make a petition on your behalf as is their right to do so.


Yeah, you see I can’t exactly PM forum members yet, this is my apology.

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You can pm the mods though can’t you?

Nope, this is all I can do at the moment.

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Aight. Just checking.

I’d tell you to hop over and introduce yourself on the new members thread but…:rofl:


@Lokthoriel, I’ve emailed Lady Eva. Hopefully she can see it soon and make a swift action.

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Thanks man, Let me know if you ever need my help.

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@Lokthoriel, likewise, I suppose. That is if you’re truly turning a leaf. Thank you.
Email: [email protected], [email protected] (if you prefer Gmail.)