I'm so bored...any advice helps!

I don’t know what is wrong with me lately, I’m just bored with everything. My hair, make up, clothes, decorations in my home, etc. Normally, I feel very blessed by what I have and appreciate what is in my life already. Except lately, I feel like I’m hitting my head on a brick wall due to something lacking.

Any advice or suggestions being taken!


Call Belial & tell him you’re bored…he’ll bring some excitement into your life :eyes:


What do you want to achieve in your life? Are you working towards your goal?

@QueenMustang :sweat_smile: I already know what Beliel wants me to do; however, it’s a huge time commitment and it’s a complete overhaul of my life.

@anon10524665 :slightly_smiling_face: Those are good questions! My life revolves around my family and home; yet, I’m bored to death with the constant conversations of the past. I’ve tried talking to them about what I’m learning, they just look at me with blank stares. In some regards, I just want to dump my family altogether at times. Except I’d have to keep in contact with my Dad or else he’d be crushed.

I’d like to do a career change; however, not sure if that is something I should do. I’d like to do something with holestic medicine; however, I’m a little late to the game.

I’ve thought about going back to school; however, it brings me to tears.


Think about what you want most. What is your endgoal? And how can you achieve this? Most probably there will be a variety of things you can do to reach your goal. Make a list, think it through, you may find something you can try.


Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the advice we have given to others before.



call up a friend to chill, go clubbing, summon someone, work towards a career, play the lotto, play casino online, etc…


As far as you stuffs maybe see what you can sell and then redo everything. I had a customer last night say he had a deal with his wife. When he or she buys née things they get rid of some of the old stuff.

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Maybe just try something new… Something crazy…
Go out, cause shit… Sleep. Haha.
Just an idea


Meditate? But that sounds more boring i guess

Have you ever tried painting?
Get a big canvas and a big brush get some paint. Blast some music and throw all kinds of colors on the canvas and then see what you created :smiley:

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I already do this! :slightly_smiling_face:

I already have some art pieces I’m working on.

But have never gone crazy with it. Maybe I should try that! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That moment she decides to go back into a dance studio to get fit and starts the journey of creating moving stories again. ( Choreographing dances. I feel old.)

Of course, I had to choose something with Skylar Grey.

And also, this one:

Unbordem happening.

nothing is wrong with you, there are intense astrological energies right now affecting everyone. Everyone is feeling off nowadays, due to the collapse and due to the astrology patterns. Hang in there and try to keep cool


Thanks! Sometimes a reminder is nice!

i know i cant help much but hugs?

Maybe is a sign. Try changing pantheon a new pathworking get some new energy and Inspiration. There are great books on Amazon about Goddesses pathworking with rituals and sigils to connect.

Do you feel bored with life,nothing really bringing you joy not even your music to hype you up.Dont worry it will pass.Its like a odd short spend of emptiness your feel.Could be a internal retrograde happening,the mind tend to be a constant comfort creature but it have it moments, like forgetting things all day period.

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Think of the Hermetic law of rhythm. There is always a rise and a fall. A swinging back and forth of the pendulum. The magician should ideally become accustomed to this so he/she doesn’t get dragged along with the swing. Things get really bad before good. This is temporary. I also find myself feeling a bit lost. I take it as a sign of growth to be honest :joy:

In some occasions prior to leave home my eyes fell upon the bookcase, and I thought that I still had to read a certain novel or study and practice all the 3 volumes of Ur Group’s Introduction to magic. Recently one of my ideas (for example about certain life conditions not changing) was that perhaps I’m “intended” to get accustomed to boredom, anyways if I set about to write a novel or reach a spiritual progress, it may even happen that I become anxious about reaching that goal.

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