I'm sick of LARP on this website

Ok, this will trigger a lot of people, but I don’t care. I feel like saying this because I used to love this forum before. I don’t know what happened to it, but it’s just not the same anymore. Back in the day, people talked about real magic and compared notes with each other. Now it’s just a LARP fest.

I see broken people coming in here claiming they’re some kind of Astral Gods of Power or expert magickans, yet they are either poor, homeless, or working a shitty job like McDonalds or at Wendys. Some of them claim they’ve awakened their “Devil Genes” or something, but how did that benefit them exactly? They’re still the same. There are no physical differences, they didn’t become better at predicting the future or anything like that. They became more delusional it seems, that’s what. And then you have people who claim to have astral orgies with Azazel & other high ranking demons just like that. They just call Azazel or whoever else up for a booty call, and that’s it.

I get it. Everyone has their own path yadda yadda yadda…but should we really be encouraging delusions? Lady_Eva just endorses everything and seems to ban any criticism. I don’t think this is fair. There’s a fine line between magick and delusion. Magick gives you practical results in real life. You get a good job, get love of your life, kill your enemies, you actually predict the future. You actually do supernatural thing, not just daydream or dream about you being a Crowned Prince of Hell.

I know there are genuine magickans here, but the people here who claim to be Gods and Goddesses of great power seem to be nothing more than delusional roleplayers who seek escapism from their everyday life. A lot of can be said about the authors on this website too, but I’ll get to that later. I just needed to get this off my chest.


I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. I’m just afraid you’ll get banned for this lmao


It’s gonna be a good Friday.


Woodsman didn’t when he made almost the same topic about a year ago.


I keep an open mind on people’s experiences, but you’re evidently just pissed and on a roll, so I’m not going to bother replying with anything in-depth.


I think if people ask for DESCRIPTIONS, “LARP” is what you’ve get. We just have to keep in mind that it’s all about personal and individual experiences, just as much as personal interpretations.


THANK YOU for saying this. Jesus H Christ, I have wanted to say this.


I see what you mean.
I can only speak for myself, but I get quite solid results from my workings rather frequently and sometimes stuff happens, that defies a classical logic explaination.


I understand where you’re getting at…
It’s true that sometimes people don’t ask the right questions, they’re too lazy to put the work that is needed and they have some crazy expectations that are not realistic (even for this path).

It’s useful to say though, that there are more than one side to every story. I do agree that some things have changed to the worse, but as I said, we should see it from more than one angles.


This “LARP problem” is being grossly overstated. It’s not often that people pop up claiming high and mighty shit. There’s only a few, and they’re actually skilled and vouched for.

So who are we talking about? Where is this happening? The crazies are usually laughed out of their own threads and their posts buried. Everyone else seem legit.

And how do we know who’s faking the funk? Who’s keeping track of success rates? These posts are starting to come off as sensationalized as the very people being critiqued.

I just need some clarity, man.



I agree with you. this forum need do get kick in the ass, these paper tigers calling their gods or lord, goddess where the time came they will fear hell. in facts they’ll see hell in their vision suffering and pain.

Lady eva aren’t cool to ban criticism. if this forum is an right-wings safe space dun practice magic stop posting topic is for a bunch of pussy as baby cant cross the line.

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So, OP is now at 11 likes in a very short period: I put this challenge back on everyone who is eagerly watching this topic, that high-quality posts about actual work tend to receive minimal interaction and input.

(I kinda want to link to 2 recent examples BUT I do not want to drag the members who posted them into this, nor imply they have a side to take on this matter.)

It is a fact that drama on here attracts views and likes and frenzied PM-ing about things; solid innovative work or personal logs of work done tend to go unnoticed.

It is also a fact that the flagging system exists for member-moderation - that means, if you spot something you find to be a serious problem, you get to actually have a voice: use the custom flag, talk about your concerns.

No, that would not be cool, and that’s why I don’t do it.

Hence why this topic is still here and I am investing faith that it will receive mature replies. :man_shrugging:

I have NO idea what the rest of your sentence means, if it’s political then that’s entirely off-topic, but since you were claiming all magick involving demons is “an child play” (sic) here and that only your two favoured goddesses can teach magick at all, then yours is the kind of post that others may well find out of touch with their own experiences.


What exactly is LARP?

I do not claim to be an “all-mighty magician” I simply am what I am which is a novice Vitki that is still learning. I came here to learn not to be a “lazy magician”. I came to discuss philosophies and things I have experienced versus what others have experienced. I came to be educated whether it be on the different paths people are on and whether there are certain spirits I can work with.

I have come to learn of the true nature of the things people call “demons” and “gods”. To learn the differences between Egregore and truth


Sadly, most people will consider themselves to be the “real” kind, lacking the self-awareness to perceive themselves objectively, while simultaneously lacking the necessary knowledge to distinguish magickians who get results from those that do not.

It is easy to see this if you see some of the threads that have been getting likes.

I disagree. “High-quality” posts are often UPG, which is often nothing more than delusion. You can call evoking Mickey Mouse UPG, and technically it is, but it is nothing more than delusion.

For high-quality posts to be high quality, they need to be backed up with serious time studying and practicing a discipline that objectively, not subjectively, causes changes, and then either sharing that or expanding your own work off of that, which also has to cause objective changes. Most of the “work” on the forums has been of the deluded kind sadly.

Y’all can claim magick is UPG and subjective, be my guest. But magick has an objective basis to it, and until you see that, you’ll do nothing more than imagine.


Not the case with what I was referencing, but I am limited by not being willing to post what I mean, so, whatever.

Edit to add: I have PM’d you two examples of this.

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This is a good forum. I learn a great deal here. I do read posts in which people are new and claiming to have sex with Gods and the like and all kinds of things and I just carry on and get to the stuff I can learn from.

It may be their truth or attention seeking or a hundred other things.

I was on here for years before returning in my new name, I have seen lots of people come and go in that time. I just carry on


Man, I logged in this forum after a long time just to like your post ; so many undesirable content in comparison of quality content. At least it is one of the most popular and ergonomic forum, but I’ve a the feeling that 80-90% of thoses stories are fake or mental exaggerated.


Well, have you tried what the others have tried? Are you so sure they are deluded if they post here what they have experienced?

I’ve yet to see Lady Eva ban criticism of my QNA with the ascended master Jesus. It’s freedom of speech (So long as it’s not harmful or hate speech). I get criticized in my working with King Paimon as to whether or not my experiences match up with the majority of others

Yes but magick takes time and energy to manifest the results you are trying to gain. Magick is a skill that is learned and honed and developed over time. You must also remember


People also have their own codes when it comes to using magick. Some don’t use love spells because of free will, others don’t use things to kill because they see life as sacred


I just had to google LARP as I am not young or understanding of these modern abbreviations…

Role playing, yes. I have seen lots of posts that are descriptive of this. I read deeper into the person posting them and often see a damaged or abused young person trying to escape reality to cope a little better.

One used to really annoy me until I looked at her from another perspective to see she had abusive parents and this was probably the only real break from reality she had.

Saying that, people think I am roleplaying and crazy for shouting at candles … my partner does not believe at all


When you get what is clearly a lot of youngsters here mixing it up with older generations things are bound to get a little messy.
Regardless of the topic.
Having said that, staying on relative themes should be compulsory. This will weed out the time wasters.