I'm really confused

There’s a spirit that’s been with me for a very long time. It seems to be feeding off my enrgery very intensely day by day. I know there’s a “succubus” as well. The other spirit I don’t know if it a succubus or not. It doesn’t give me sexual experiences even though the touching and the presence of this spirit is much stronger than the succubus. I have had a couple sexual experiences witht the succubus but the other spirit is kind of invading my privacy and the privacy I would like to have with the succubus. Communication with this spirit has always been very uncomfortable; Literally. I want to know if there’s anything I can do to negotiate an agreement so that the spirit can keep away from me and that it doesn’t interfere with my spiritual growth the way my succubus partner intends it to be. I can’t perform any rituals in my house unless no one will know about it. So quick and simple or easy to hide. Maybe I need a divination as well.

I couldn’t “perform rituals” when I was nine years old, but I could close my eyes, relax, step into an elevator and travel up to see the gods, so maybe you could try that method?

Stay focused with the intent of going directly to one of the spirits, don’t leave it open to “opr anyone who can help” at this stage, just get that lift up directly to their “office” or Temple or whatever.

I think you could seriously benefit from one of E.A’s training courses at this point. You have been posting about this spirit haunting your home for like 6 months now? And you have been given lots of good suggestions for banishing yet you still have the spirit problem. When someone has been given suggestions by experienced magicians, methods that have been fool proof for everyone else that uses them but that someone continually has problems that never seem to get fixed, it’s time for that someone to step back and evaluate themselves.

No offense, I am trying to help you here. I get asked for advice on every forum and website where I post about magick and for the most part, people write me back a day or so later and say thanks that worked really fast, my problem is solved. But occasionally I get someone that continues to write me every 3-5 days saying help me please, this didn’t work, what am I doing wrong, why won’t X problem go away? And no matter what advice I give them they continually fail at it and come running back to me asking for more advice when it’s like, if the spells I gave you the first few times didn’t work then nothing else will and they just can’t seem to understand that it’s not the spells or rituals that are failing, it’s them.

I get easily agitated with people like that because I believe if someone has been “practicing” magick for several months and still has to go running to others to solve their problems or literally panics when a more experienced magician refuses to solve their problems for them for free, then magick is not the life path they need to be pursuing. I am not saying that about you, but some others that I have worked with. So if you are trying methods that always seem to work for other magicians but they all fail for you then you need to re-evaluate yourself.

The top reasons why magicians repeatedly fail like this, even though they think they are trying their best is because of a serious LACK of one of the following:

Belief in your own abilities and the magick you are doing
Intent/Prepatory Immersion

Or the person is a serious procrastinator and does their magick at the wrong time i.e. too late, too early or they only give a half ass effort at what they are doing. Like I said no offense, I want to help you because you seem to be seriously interested in magick and the occult but when you repeatedly post the same problem every month, just in different words, the more advanced magicians eventually get annoyed with the members who do that because we start seeing that person as lacking focus and not giving magick their full efforts and they tend to start ignoring those members because they think, what’s the point in helping? This person is just going to report back in 3 days and say this didn’t work, again.

Get a piece of paper and write down some of your magickal goals and your goals for reaching godhood, then write down some of the things I mentioned above that you think you may be doing that are keeping your magickal efforts from working. Then evaluate yourself and put a plan into action for how you can change and do better. Good luck!

I’m not trying to be a bitch, sometimes people just need a little tough love to get them motivated :wink:

Thanks Lady Eva. It worked really well. It felt like a negotiated agreement that was resolved.

@Raven Ascent. Sorry you feel that way. In order to relieve you of any stress. I thought it would be better to make something clear. I don’t practice magic. I have no interest in practicing magic and never did. I only aspire true love and to achieve perfect unity with my spiritual partner. Lady Eva quoted above the reason why I couldn’t use methods suggested by other people. Too many religious folk about.