I'm on my Way

I just realised that my Chakras are out of balance
So I made decision to work on them
But, I’m confused
1.On which Chakra I should work first?
2.In how much time one chakra could be brought in balance?
3.Which is the fastest way possible?
4.How I will know that i got what I wanted?
5.What are methods for every specific chakra?
6.How would I feel after all chakra got balanced what would be after effects?

A little bit of searching on the forum or Goggle would have shown you that there are many ways to balance the chakras.

The easiest method is probably vibrating the Bija mantras for each chakra, starting at the Muladhara. Vibrate each mantra around ten times before moving onto the next, and do it daily. It’ll take around twenty minutes.

No one can tell you how much time each chakra will take to balance out because it depends completely on your current energetic make up. The only way you will know if they are balanced is by how you feel, and whether your energy flows easily or not.


Do these audios work?

I can’t do Mantra stuff
Cause I live in a house where my family members are all around me everytime

That’s no excuse. Just vibrate them in your head.


You mean chanting in mind works too

Yes. It is harder for beginners to get the proper vibration when mentally repeating mantras, but it does work.

Some people swear by biaural beats and such, like the video you linked, so you can always give them a try. They’ve never worked for me personally though.

Don’t expect an effect right away, however.

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I personally find important to start with the upper chakras and so do a clean work. The sexual chakras have oft sometimes parasites. Are also the most important chakras for vampires especially when targets are young men or young women.

If the chakra work starts from above till below than it cleanses the lower ones. When all are cleansed and active than kundalini would be the next step.

So you mean I should start by Crown chakra

Try both ways and see how it feels. Use the method which feels most natural and peaceful.

I recommend my way cause it worked best for me. I reckon everyone who isn’t spiritual, and most people that are, would have something out-of-whack with their chakras so you’re not alone.