I'm not sure what I saw when meditating but I know it was a spirit

So I was meditating and my roommate walked past my room and at first all I saw in my mind was uter darkness and then they walked past and all i saw was a pale white entity standing walking with my friend I’m not sure what it was can someone help me figure it out?

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Understanding a vision involves your personal sense of poetry (symbolism, emotional state, energetic rythym, etc.).

When you saw darkness was it fearful, or was that your mind flushing its self to get a fix on the entity? Darkness can symbolize death, but it can also symbolize the veils of reality. Only you can say what it meant to you in that moment, if anything.

Similarly, what was the spirit like and how did you feel about it? What is your relationship with your roommate like? That entity could be one of your roommate’s ancestors, a guardian, a different magician or psychic, or a totally random spirit who just likes watching people.

Was there a central concept or goal in your meditation? If you were working on your third eye, you might be perceiving unrelated activity simply because there was something to see.

I advise against talking to your roommate unless they practice magic. Some people are into paranormal ideas and free thought, but mention some real life magical occurrences and you’ll be shocked at how crazy they get.

Keep going though. You really can get to a point where spirits and miracles hardly phase you. Mediums get freaked out when they don’t see spirits.

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Well I was meditating to get used to the flow of energy there and the darkness was because my mind was un focused but thing is the entity was humanoid with wrinkled skin no eyes wearing black clothes and it had a mouth that opened out ward to reveal several rows of teeth but because I can recall so much detail on the entity I think my mind flushed its self out to see this entity also me and my roommate joke around a lot but the spirit seemed very…aggressive towards me to say the least

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Oh jeez. That sounds bad.
If there isn’t any conflict between you and your roommate then it’s probably some kind of predator or parasite. Some guardians are fearsome though, and they can react badly to being perceived.

That discription seems like a vampire, but your own mind does part of the work to give it a form. The form could be different in the eye of another seer.

You could try to see if your roommate had any nightmares that night or started feeling sick.

Don’t let it get in your head too much. Carrying around fear could make you its victim. As a human mage, you are at the top of the spiritual food chain if you choose to be. If you’ve used protection magic before then crank it up and get rid of that thing.

Ok thanks