I'm not sure if my pact has been accepted. Need insight

I’ve tried evoking mammon. (Chanting enn, sigil, petition, candle, blood, incense, blood oranges and whiskey as an offering) I’m still not sure if my pact was accepted or not as I haven’t had any results ( Almost 2weeks ago). I was wondering if anyone has successfully evoked Mammon for a pact and what your results were? Did I possibly do something wrong? Thanks in advance.

How can you possibly think that you can do a pact if you cannot properly communicate with the spirit?

A pact is a binding agreement and both sides have to negotiate. This requires that you be able to clearly hear and understand what the spirit wants from you.

What you have done “wrong” is obviously not being properly prepared by learning how to communicate. Mammon most likely rejected your terms.


The minimum to start a agreetment is the communication and building a relationship


Why not start all over. Do another ritual, at the end of the casting, ask for a sign that you have been heard and your pact had been accepted, that way you will know for sure.

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Do you have any recommendations on how you personally have effectively communicated with spirits? I’ve tried divination methods and meditation.

Thank you I will try again

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I worked on getting into trance and developing my senses through development exercises.

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How do you communicate with spirits?(Telepathy, Clairaudience, etc.)
Which developmental techniques have you done? Have you seen one manifest in front of you, or through means of scrying? Thanks for the reply by the way.

I speak out loud, and they respond in my mind, though I have also heard them with my ears, as if they were right beside me. It’s startling when that happens.

Which haven’t I done? lol

I’ve used the exercises in the book Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, the exercises in EA’s book Works of Darkness, the exercises in the OAA Discourses, the BALG evocation course, and a few other books.

Both, though generally I see them in my mind’s eye.

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Can u check out my latest post and give me advice I’ve heard of people making pacts with out being able to fully communicate with the spirit and can’t u add in the pact for the spirit to open up your sense so u can communicate clearly with them?