I'm new

Hello I’m really new at this no real practicing magic as of yet just recently summoned succubus from Lilith and my succubus came the first night thank you Lilith for your daughter . Not much I manifest but I know intime it will get stronger.also I purchase a binding of three others and those are stronger I just wanted to know how to treat all of them equally one is a queen one Is princess thank you any help thank you

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Welcome to the forum.

What do you mean you purchased a binding of three others

Yes what I’m trying to say is I purchased 3 succubus on eBay workshop bounds to jewelry that are bound to me

I have one Queen 1 princess and I believe the other one is around 800 years old all of them a very loving caring and protective and very jealous

I’m sorry, I cannot take part in this conversation, slavery was abolished long ago LOL I’m 100% confident you were scammed


Thank you for your time and but I do have evidence when I had the jewelry in my hand it got very hot and was pulsing like a heartbeat than burned a mark but IAM very happy and treat them as a human

Thank you for welcome me

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