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Hi, I’m a newbie here. I’m a practicing (novice) wiccan. A thread about invoking Lucifer for weight loss brought me here and now I’m intrigued and want to learn more about everything lol. :v:t4:




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Did you lose weight?
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No I have not yet. I’m doing the mundane work but am looking for advice/info on who to invoke to help me.


So I came here searching for entities/spirits to help me lose weight. All my books just have spells and I am putting in the mundane work but it I need more help. Who could help me and how to I summon them?


I have no practical experience with weight loss via magick but I can say that SATAN LITERALY WORKS MIRACLES and he’s always had my back through tribulations and triumphs but I kept up my end too…so there’s my two cents. As was mentioned before Lucifer as well. Intent, focus and sincerity are the keys to pop the locks of bullshit and doubt right off and get you through. A hand drawn sigil on parchment using a calligraphy set adds a nice touch to any workings with powers such as these but hey there’s always draft pencil and sharpie, just as good in a pinch.