I'm new, very new, and heard Amaymon in my dream and was shown a sigil

So, as I was sleeping, I saw a round wooden disk in my dream with a sigil carved into it.

I tried to read the name around the sigil, and I said loud and clear “Amaymon”.

One of the defining features of the sigil was multiple tiny little circles on the right side of it.

I woke up.

When I woke up I said “Amaymon” outloud so I dont forget the name.

I couldn’t even properly spell it.

When I typed in “amamon” I got Aamon… Amon looks like an entity that I saw in a dream too.

However, the sigil for Aamon did not look like what was in my dream.

I checked the list of the 72 demons of the goetia to see if I could find Amaymon. I found nothing. No sigil and that name was not listed among the 72.

So I concluded that Amaymon was a figment of my imagination. Later in the day I took a nap and heard the name again. Matter of fact, I heard the name every time I fell asleep.

So I looked it up again, and I finally learned how to spell his name correctly.

I said “ooooohh, so he is a real demon”

I googled “Amaymon sigil” and all I found was Aamon’s sigil with Amaymon underneath.

This is clearly incorrect, also, Aamon’s sigil looks nothing remotely close to what I saw in my dream.

I finally found a reliable source. A girl who says that Amaymon is her Patron. She said that the first thing she noticed about Amaymon is that there’s not a lot of information on him. Very true. Then she clarified that people often confuse Amaymon with Aamon. These are not the same demons.

Now I had confirmation that the name I heard did infact belong to an actual demon, but hes not listed among the 72 of the Goetia.

I went online searching for a sigil for him.

It led me to this forum with someone posting a sigil here.

I will tell you right now that the sigil for Amaymon posted in these forums on this site look nothing remotely close to what I saw. This was the sigil posted in these forums and this is not what was shown to me in my dream

That seal is from a traditional grimoire, called the Sworn Book of Honorius, which dates back several hundred years. It is a valid seal for Amaymon.

However, spirits often have more than one seal so what you saw in your dream, if it wasn’t something your mind made up, could have been a more personalised seal, not one that is commonly used.

Many magicians channel their own seals for the spirits they work with. In Koetting’s grimoires, for example, he often provides seals that are different from the traditional ones, and VK Jehannum has many personal seals he has channelled for the popular spirits on his blog that are far different from the commonly known ones.


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