I'm new, I introduce myself

Greetings Friends!!

I introduce myself, my name is Alkimian
I’m from Argentina, (excuse my English)

First I want to express my gratitude for such a valuable treasure that this site is.

I practice Magic 3 years ago 1 year and 8 months ago I started with evocation practices thanks to E.A’s books with results that I will share.

I have always loved this world and I see very concrete results.

I am very happy to be here, thank you


Welcome to the forum! Good to have to here! :smiley:

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Thank you very much for the welcome

Welcome @Alkimian_see

If I am understanding you correctly, you’ve been practicing for three years?

Do you have experience in any systems or traditions besides EA Koetting’s system of evocation?

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Health! I spent 5 years in the Rosicrucian order, and the Martinist order, then I began my more self-taught path and when the EA books arrived they encouraged me to evocation.
previously, witchcraft practices. small enchantment rituals and candle spells

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