I'm New (Hope this is the right place to introduce) + Medicine Buddha Experiment

Hi there,

I am a relatively new magician (about 1 year or so). ,My approach could be seen as somewhere midway between shamanic and demonolatry (no forcing or compelling beings) with a heavy influence from Baal Kadmin. So I’m a “Shamanic Kadmoninite” I’ve had some success with many demons of the goetia and some gods.

Would appreciate feedback on an experiment I tried out with medicine Buddha. Essentially I wrote a pact or contract using his mantra and image as a sigil and used my saliva on it to activate.Please find the link below.



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welcome :grinning:

Why was this posted twice? Flagged as duplicate post.

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I was told that I had to put my post in a different place so I did. Probably it was transferred and I did not notice and posted twice. My bad if that is the case.

Yes, you were told in your other post to click on a link to our Intro thread, not to repeat your post.

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Technology isn’t my strength. My apologies.

Don’t worry about it. It happens :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks! So I understand that this is the place to get help and get started.correct? I’ll post my first question for help soon.

In case you haven’t yet, please take your time and introduce yourself in this topic.
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Use the search feature to find answers to your questions. They have probably been discussed :slight_smile:

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Hi :wink:

Would seem that i posted my intro i the wrong place and then i re-posted it in the right place and my post was flagged as a duplicate…

It would seem that I still haven’t posted in the right place? sorry,technology isnt my strength…i dont want to have my post flagged a second time as a second duplictae… :frowning: .

Thank you for the heads up…and where should i have put this post?

I’ve linked it for you to just click on it, in my post above.

No problem, we all started out one day!

Click HERE:

You’ll find all introductions of Members there.

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