I'm new here

Hi my name is Phoenix and i live in a small town in northern Texas, i have no expierence with magic or invoking in spirits. I ended up here when i was doing research on Lilith. I want to work with mother Lilith this may sound crazy but i feel like i personally know her. I want to learn different kinds of magic. I do struggle against myself a lot of times.


Forgot one thing yes i’m new to all this. Another one thing i don’t feel like i’m a human being.


Greetings and welcome to BALG. If you have questions regarding Lilith or any other deity there are many posts on rituals, and occult knowledge in general, check out the sites search engine at the upper right and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. Human or not you will find the answer.

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What do you feel that you are? I’m kinda relating to you right now LOL

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That i’m something else, its kinda hard to explain it but i feel like i’m a powerful being, i don’t know how i ended up living in a human body. The whole time of all my life i never felt like i was human.

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Welcome to the forum. This is my thread you might find useful.

I can for sure relate to you. I also feel I am out of sync with time. Like i’m in the wrong one. I feel like the world was meant to be one and it troubles me sometimes that it just has not progressed more than this. It’s weird I know. I’t’s like living here now is not like I remembered.

You might be a succubus incarnated @PhoenixtheDemon

Then you might not be human either, i never understood the human race or fit in. I also feel out of place like i don’t belong here.

A succubus? But i’m a male unless i’m a female in spirit.

LOL I’m really not sure. Thats why I’m traveling this path seeking answers, like you. :slight_smile:
It’s great to have company!

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The male version is an Incubus.

I wouldn’t doubt if i’m an incarnated incubus.

Im not even sure how you would go about finding out.

The soul is neither male or female. It may choose one aspect over another to adopt. Over many lifetimes most of us have been many different things often changing our sex and sexual preferences. This is how we grow.
You currently are some form of human regardless of what you may have been in the past. Embrace it learn from it and grow.

Thanks for your input @4hmagm, appreciated :+1:

You are welcome