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Salutem punctis trianguli,
My name is Michael and I’m New to the forum. I’m very impressed by the discourse I’m seeing here and I hope I can add something of value. I’ve been a practicing ceremonial magician for 20 years. I’ve studied many different forms of our art. I’m always looking to learn from my peers and I hope to meet more of the other magicians here soon.


Welcome @Mike_Bee

Where are you from?

I have over two decades in myself. Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions beyond Goetia, as you mentioned in your other post?

Originally the United States but now I live in Manila Philippines

You said you have “studied many different forms,” so what systems and traditions have you practiced besides Goetia?

Well for starters I’m a free and accepted mason. I have a strong affinity to and extensive experience with Solomonic ritual magick.
I’ve also studied astrology, enochia, feng shui, the tarot and other wisdom books, but most of my study has been kabbalah and hermetics.


What approach do you have with Solomonic magic? Do you work by the book or are you more free with you practice?

Well it’s important to note theres written tradition and theres oral tradition and neither is complete or safe really without the other.
Having said that I began very stiffly sticking to written rules and procedures. In time I learned easier ways. For example calling Prince Orobas using the enns chants. Just things like that you learn from other teachers or studens.

Yeah for sure :+1:

Really the most ancient way if contacting the Goetic spirits is to be formally introduced to the Spirit by another magician the spirit knows. I think that the O.T.A. has mastered that approach and they get alot of juice from how they do it.

Yeah man, I am already working in this current, was just curious to know what your approach is valuable knowledge nevertheless.

I’ve often considered applying for membership in the O.T.A. just because their method is very ancient and powerful. It’s phoenician, pre Solomonic. They know Alot about the djinn and how to safely work with them. But since I live in the philippines I can’t apply with them now. I have no idea if Id be accepted anyway.

I’d say your best bet is to brush up on your basic kabbalah with sepher yetzirah, the zohar and the three books of occult philosophy.
That Will give you clear practical directions to continue your practice. Also the greater key of solomon has some pretty awesome magical operations in it like invisibility. I’ve had some very good fortune in that I can easily read between the lines and work out how to turn it into practice. Another good read is"my life with the spirits" by long milo duquette. He is just another guy like you and me trying to make sense of all of this and his experiences in that book were very helpful to me. Hope this helps.

Welcome :blush:

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Hi Michael, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

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