I'm Lost

I really don’t have much too say except that im lost in life and where I am right now I have no where too turn for advice and no one that can help me the way that other people can my life seems too be going no where and im at a dead end I feel more miserable then usual and Im not even sure if this is the right place too seek help

if anyone has any advice for me regarding anything I will be willing too try it but it seems like I will never progress in this thing we call life, im not motivated enough too do the things I want to do and accomplish them, I am weak when people say that im not. my source of power is my thoughts and I cant even control them correctly.

with the way im going ill never achieve anything that I want ill never go anywhere in life and the more I think this way the more it will come true and the less that I try the farther away I get from my goal I may be confused and lost but I believe that I have potential I just need help finding my way and the truth that’s inside of me, thank you and have a good night.


Hello and welcome! You’re here because of an obvious interest in majik, so lets start there shall we. What is the goal that you speak of?


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  1. I COMMAND YOU to stop being so hard on yourself (Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you)!

  2. Get some human help, a psychologist is a BIG BIG YES here. Everything you are saying a psychologist or out patient program will help you in (trust me, I’m in one rn and these people KNOW how to get your life together)

  3. Get into a pact with Belial if you aren’t already sure to make sure he meets you where you are at (I failed to specify where I was at and my concerns with “getting my life together” and I paid for it). When I people say this guy will kick your life into shape they MEAN it, it took me going to jail and an Inpatient mental hospital stuff for me to realize that I needed to petition Belial. DO NOT just say “Belial whip my ass into shape please!” They have no concept of human life at times so things like jail and hospital are minimal in comparison to making you a God.

This is pretty true to a degree there are successful people who have gotten around this…but, you are NOT wrong when you say this. I’d reccomend looking into psychologist/therapist (as stated before) as well as the Law of Attraction. Some spiritual advisors on youtube also have helped me in the rough days as it makes people feel less isolated and crazy.

Keep at it Mate you ARE alive and even if you don’t realize it you ARE IMPORTANT. I mean, who else would I be giving advice to if you didn’t have your life in shambles like me!? Message me for a FREE weird and interpretive channeling healing if you’d like.

FEEL better love!

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I would message you if I knew how, I cant thank you enough for the advice you gave me it’ll sure come in handy too me, I won’t forget what you said and I will try my hardest too not be so hard on myself as I have been my whole life

I have a lot of help from people and your help adds on too that and will help me a lot, I will be sure too take the things you said too heart and will grow off of what you said, I will be sure tooo check out the things you sent me and look into it more and your words mean a lot too me, thank you again!


Glad you came reaching out for hope. There always is hope and faith. Our most powerful healers that work through time.

The malevolence has had a big impact since a young kid. Maybe it’s the fact you can’t convey your inner most valuable thoughts to people, or if you do, they simply don’t understand.

Open up everything here, get it off your chest and let’s hear exactly what you really want to say out loud to the fucking world!


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I have so much too say that I’ve kept in, there’s hatred growing inside me and eating me alive its a hard feeling too face especially when there’s people feeding that hatred daily. life is hard for me in a way that is difficult too explain, I never really fit in anywhere or succeeded in anything and I need too have more faith in myself and cut off the people that don’t believe in me

I have been hurting myself for the past while not just mentally but physically too I don’t have a lot too deal with like other people but I’m still overwhelmed by how much is on my plate and my future seems too be so far yet so close and I’m just not ready for the things that might come my way in life, I’ve never been ready.

I make the wrong decisions in life and I always have the right decision is right in front of me but I always take the wrong path the way things have gone in my life it seems like ill become nothing more then what I already am and with me thinking ill gain no progress in my life I might never actually gain any progress, everything takes time and I have all the time I need but the way I spend my time is not the way that id like too.

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To learn more about you I could read your birth chart but spare the chart; I don’t do it often favourably for many people.

Stop believing you are running out time; your slate is your path work that cannot be stretched, or bent to anyone’s will except fate and yours… you can’t compare a path work to someone else’s. Stop giving a fuck that you don’t belong anywhere.

If you’re weird, at least be proud in doing so. Take some high ground and know your worth, you’re not a piece of shit— the parasites and the shitty self talk is telling you that. Look up at the sky tonight and realise how fucking big it is. You’re something that can create so go ahead and act on your passions.

You’re running on an instinctual level where you’re soul wants to leave the body. You will eventually be running on primal, animal—egoistic automation and reactions rather than what is derived from more evolved place. This happens to your 50 year old divorced man who has lost custody, getting wasted at the pub whilst smoking cigarettes every day.

The body is a temple, a vehicle. Do the pragmatic; sustain 45mins-1 hour of exercise daily, cleanse the auric system through powerful meditative work, expose yourself to nature; not frequencies in the air (4G, 5G) — treat yourself! Lastly, go for a blood test, check your hormones and see if you are in any form are contributing to the problems you are facing with others.

Why do they make you feel hateful? Are you being excluded? Targeted. I want more! So I can get to the bottom of what’s really causing that willingness to live loosen up.

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thankyou for your honesty and your view on me, I myself don’t know much about myself so it might be hard for you too learn about me as I need too learn about myself too.

Its everything i do that makes me end up in the places i am and I blame myself for too much as I go threw out my days I cant help but think about the things that I’ve done and will do where i see myself in the future is not where I want too be, I’m not sure where I’d like too be but sure not where I am right now

I’m a lazy person that puts his mind too something and then never does it, the motivation i seek is not there and I’m not sure if me explaining myself will make you know me any better then i already know myself

the reason they make me feel hateful is because they target me and make me feel all these things that are clearly not true but im dealing with it and it should be solved soon, i know im not the best person but i could do better.

I will treat myself with more respect and I do need too loosen up but I just need too find out how first and how i can actually make the things i want too happen come too reality.

DO THE THINGS YOU’D RATHER NOT. Why we would rather not? Because it’s so nice, warm and cozy in the comfort zone. Know your worth, retain your semen and realise this… HEALTHY EATING = HEALTHY MND. The gut brain / instinct is linked by a nerve cell lining. Intuitive energy travels up there and our small intestines produces our serotonin. Fuck the fast food off, laziness is a choice, being ambitious is your frontier. Get up already jeeze

We’re all going to die. Nothing serious to be taken here besides the demise that wants a life that flourished for crying out loud. When the world is so sad as it is, it fucks me up. But I’m having a good day so it’s alright.

It’s just a bad day not a bad life, Matt.

These words actually mean a lot too me and it makes me think about the things I don’t want too do and the things I do, laziness is a choice but how might I make that choice too do those things and not be lazy without fail?

a lot of the things that are said too me go over my head and I never get too understand them fully, the way my mind works feel different from before and like it’ll never be the same again, I say things I don’t mean and the things I do mean stay inside me. The way I see it no matter what I do i’ll never change but at the same time im changing each second of each day, constantly learning new things and exploring who I really am.

You might tell me to do something but I might not do it, im too stubborn to do what people say so I don’t and then I end up in the same place I always was, I should really listen too what people have too say instead of putting things too the side and ignoring the things I get told too do.

Ahhh, I smell an illusionist! The discrepancy between what’s real, yours, fake, mine, his, theirs, here, not ours… WHAT THE FUCK DO WE BELIEVE ANYMORE?

With information comes disinformation. Start with your shitty habits, break down that habit, next stepping stone. Don’t wallow in pity — won’t fix shit. Life is either on the incline or decline; don’t be pitiful when you can change it.

Climb the mountain and hold your ground. If someone thinks you are weird and rejects it, MOVE ALONG, do they not? Think for a second. There’s value in what you choose not to do. Now; come back to me in 3 weeks time when you haven’t touched your dick, had an orgasm/ejac or watched porn. Tell me how it goes.

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this will be interesting why not.

My shitty habits?
how do I define a “shitty” habit from one that I think is good for me?
I shouldn’t be asking questions I already know the answer too… my life has been on the decline for awhile and then when I start too think I’m inclining everything starts too decline, decline, decline… so how do I maintain that incline on life?

I have been moving on from things my whole life, its easy too move on but its hard too forget.
the things that happen will come and go and it really is as simple as that.
I will come back in 3 weeks if I haven’t completely given up :yum:

You are choosing to be trapped in a cycle that never ends. Your circular approach to your proclivities is what fucks you up and your deep seated convictions are fixed on a very scarce attitude that innates pity and resentment towards many aspects that could’ve been changed if ought to act upon will.


I feel this way. But the issue getting in the way of attitude is chronic illness that I have been trying to fix for a real long time. It’s been 6-7 years already.
It’s hard to be happy this way.
I’m also looking for options that can help and how to break out of this destructive cycle.