I'm looking for a Money pact

** Before I start, I can barely afford to feed myself, so please don’t recommend buying a book, I simply can’t afford it. I know people are going to ask, "How do you have internet? It’s my roommates’**
I’ve read many things about Bune, Clauneck and Belphegor, all seem like wonderful spirits. I’m looking to be rich, I don’t care about fame, or anything like that, just want to not have to decide between rent and food. I need more money and fast (Without harm to anyone and/or prostitution/caming). Who should I call on, and how should I go about it? I’m at the point of selling my soul to a random spirit right now, it’s that bad (I’m not asking for you to feel bad for me, just advise and help).


No brother, you dont need to kneel or offer yourself. Plenty of spirits will help your predicament, provided youre willing to listen and go with the flow they set

  1. Lucifer. His goal is to help us rise from the mud, pretty hard to ascend if you cant eat or are homeless. Show him trust, sincerely ask for aid and he will give it (provided that this specific hardship isnt an important lesson that needs learning from). I dont think he’ll get the ‘riches’ for you, but he’ll provide what is needed for you to move forward, without subjugation to another entity’s will. Just offer what you can when youre in less dire straits, and TRUST.
  2. Belial- Belial will help you see just how it is you got to where youre at. Why do you have no money? Is it job? Are your connections to others benefiting only them and not you? Is someone using you? Are you fucking yourself in any way? Belial will make all of these answers crystal clear to you, giving you the insight needed to start changing things. If he feels like, he can do a lot more, but i think that would depend on your relationship with him/what to offer.

Synchronicity has led me to Barakiel for assistance with luck and abundance, however I have not worked with this entity just yet and have little to share regarding this angel. Check the forum for more info from those with firsthand experience on this entity


As for books, i like to use Scribd. Sign up, get the free trial, read some stuff for free for a little. Its what i used when I had nothing, along with this forum. Im not financially well off, but im also not hungry and homeless anymore


You can try many formulas but in the end it is up to you to become a success. I have performed many castings for money and prosperity including winning the lottery dream on is right. None worked. What had worked is my ritual for knowledge and with knowledge you can overcome your financial problems and move forward to success.

Check out this link that has several threads that might lead you in the right direction.


For emergency money, try Salas`ash from The Book of Azazel. His seal has been posted on the forum so just do a search.

Another useful spirit for you would be Ahlfardahn, also from the Book of Azazel. He can bring food, shelter and water to you in dire circumstances. His seal is available on the forum as well.

A pact is not necessary to work with these spirits.

I think it is also important to point out that no pact with a spirit will make you rich overnight, no matter what you offer in return. It`s not that easy.


Mammon seems to Specialize in Money so perhaps you could work with him?

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Thank you all for your help! I’m going to be working with Clauneck. I’ve heard mammon can be deceitful, just what I’ve read and heard.