I'm looking for a clairvoyant

Hi im lookig for woman that i have meet this year.
I have only her photo i really love her but i cant find her and she deleted her Facebook and i csjt find her by search image by google.
Is here a skilled and experienced clairvoyant (better as female cuz i wont any man steal her from me)
That may help and read from the picture. Many informations that may help me find her as possible.
-name and surname (if its possible)
-Where which country she may live and in which are she may live there.
-Any socialmedia that she is on.
I prefer to speak about this on private message.

And i need to add that someone would say “oh just forget about her and go forward”
You are not on my positon if you would be alone most of your life and cover in depression and be scared to find any woman beacuse of trauma and you find a woman that you really love would you forget and go forward?
So no i will not stop searching.

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Try to be less attached to your result. If she senses you’re clingy its gonna send her running. Best of luck.

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I wasnt playing like a creeper she have approached me first. And i am not guy like you know psycho. Cuz im lonely you know

Not saying you’re a psycho. Just that in general, staying detached will help things run smoother.

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If I were in your position, I’d do magic to find a woman in my area that has all the qualities of the woman you are seeking.

Not telling you to give up, I just think doing magic to attract someone in your area will save you a lot of hardship/searching.

Imagine if you found someone more perfect than the one you seek? Wouldn’t that be amazing?


Yes i was thinking about it but i need to colect money for it.
But for now im just looking for her

I would ask tarot cards but i want to have the truth and cards will not answer that only if we would be together in future

Under-the-Skin gave you some great advice.

13 years ago I fell for a man I only knew by sight (and it looked like he was taken). I thought I’d see if I could attract him and test the Law of Attraction. I spent a lot of time every day in my imagination, where we spent time together.
Long story short: I did not attract the man, he had a girlfriend. But later I met a man who looked like his twin. My jaw dropped literally when I saw him. And he was single and liked me too.

It “doesn’t have” to be this girl, you can attract someone else who triggers such special feelings in you…
But you have to feel good before you are able to manifest a happy relationship. So heal your depression first (I can recommend you something if you pm me).


I 100% agree

I would give you 10/10 in category of “laconic yet useful life lessons”.