Im just looking for a little advice. Any help is appreciated

How do you send rather then evoke/invoke andras … ive heard of his bad rep and im aware of a backlash but it won’t dissuade me from trying as i dont like online bullies so much so id take the risk and its for someone else anyhow.

If I may ask, what are you calling on Andras for? 'Cause there are demons who have similar stations but are considered “safer” to work with until the magician is much more experienced.

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Purely for balancing the scales and having negativity enter there lives.

You have to either make a petition or Evoke and speak to him about the task


Thankyou i am gaining ground on these matters myself but find it best sometimes coming from experience … and theres plenty of that here :slight_smile:


No problem. Never hurts to ask.

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Maybe try writing a letter of intent first before evoking or invoking.


This is called “Side Knocking”… it’s like when you knock on wall to one room and the target at the door gets the beast…
Make a sigil, write the petition on the back, and put in on whoever you need it to affect…or even better, dig a hole on their property and place the sigil in the ground. Do this on a new moon, or when the moon isn’t in your timezone yet… When the moon in your timezone, call the entity to come to it’s sigil while you’re still at the location…or come back to it.
Oh and make sure your essence is off the sigil… ie, banish your energy off it, wrap in a material so you don’t touch it directly again, and wipe the sigil on the target… if that’s too out of the way… just make sure your energy is off it.
When you call it forth, it’ll wander that area until it finds a reason to be called… I personally like to use entities that will find my target attractive. hint hint


Ohhhh i like your style get behind enemy lines mwahahaha … Well lets put it this way i am after the most extreme method/spirit to nip this matter in the bud right away, so all this juicy stuff is music to my ears.

Old leave behind lol better keep some silver in your pocket lol
Have you tried root working or goffers dust

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LOL. Yes I have. Every situation is different. But it depends on what result I’m going for. Entities with a physical housing has great benefits

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You want to balance the scales and have negativity enter their lives due to online bullying. Ever thought of reporting the persons online and filing a police report? Isn’t sending an assassin overkill on the matter? What exactly is the background, a better spirit might be recommended for the honest reason.

As i say this is on somebody else’s behalf, and as my interests are as such you use your own discretion but the fact its online makes no odds to me personally as if i saw someone being treated like that if i was out well…

No i disagree it is overkill for an unexpected force to enter the lives of people who feel the need to judge others … Each person within rights is fully abled to go about there business and again its my personal belief “the mob” figures should be and in this case will be fucked with back. When i grew up nobody would step out of line in my area because the toughest men would drive it out. and these are values i am greatfull for and will keep. so people have a place to hide behind keyboards etc doesnt make it right i dont or need people to agree with me as we are all different. I dont tolerate certain things and thats just that but the peraon in question is female and there a fully grown men and women giving no fucks so they get what they deserve they chose to go out there way to fuck with this person so i am choosing to go out my way.

I would agree but if this just an onlibe bullying cant you just block them or ignore it

Honestly… I didn’t even read the last part… I was just helping out on the question… context context context… I should’ve paid more attention…
But even on that note… you can use less vicious entities and still carry out the same working… Just dull it down a bit… the intensity is at the digression of the practitioner… mainly… what do you intend to do? If it’s online bullying, then write the username on paper and bury that… or have a funeral for it lol.

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This thread is for a practise so please re read before feeling the need to put your 2 pence in the slot … A decision was made and i do not second guess myself.