Im just going to leave this here

I think honestly he is sponsored by the chin gov. This supposed linage was created in 2009. Figured other people might come across it u need to check out his list of evil religions lol

Oh here is a great quote from a "After being connected to CR, I felt exuberated and enjoy life with more freedom. I had realized that all human on Earth are enslaved to their scam cultured religion and are suffering as a result. " Tin. Everyone else is in a cult but my cult is way better we have cookies. This makes me mad because I have done alot od Taoist work and honestly in all my years I have never meet a Master who talks as much shit as this guy. Most will say that what who ever does or uses isnt what they use but that doesnt mean it isnt a path to the Tao. I guess it just urked me since it is so hard to find anyone who is trained in authentic Taoist practices that this guy is fuckn the pooch on it. Ok my venting is over. The other thing I question is all the pics of his alter… to my understanding u are not supposed to take pics of any kind of alter. The reason behind this is the same as some one using a picture or artifact from u to influence u. So they could in essence “use” ur alter. But thats just my .02.

Woah thats weird. I had always seen daoism as integrating well between philosphies.
I do think his altar looks pretty sweet though, I also think its a bit weird they would photograph it

I liked reading about his excorcisms, reads like the screen play for dragon ball z or bleach. Considering how heavy this theme has influenced eastern culture in this way I have to wonder if there are places on the astral that have this duality dynamic depicted in such a way?

Hey all,

For me, there is only one source as far as Daoist Magick and the like are concerned…for shites & giggles check out:

Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

Then compare friends!!! I call bullshit on Mak Jo Si!!!

Dr JAJ is a GREAT MAN who knows his stuff I concur!!! This guy displays no liniage scroll or seal by the alter. Most of it reeks of something foul…

I have most of DR. JAJ books on Dao Magic. Highly involved and to be honest, at the time, I had no idea just how profound that system is…way over my head at this point. However, great resources to say the least, I really don’t see me letting go of these jewels ever. The system Dr. JAJ presents is a system that is almost (almost) impossible to learn and do without having personal & direct contact with him or another initiate. The altar and ritual implements are extremely difficult to obtain. This was one of my stops along my Path, and he was kind enough to correspond with me 6 yrs ago, but as mentioned earlier, I would’ve had to move to Cali…it wasn’t in the cards for me.

No worries!!! Now I’m here, and continuing along my Path and very fortunate to have found this forum, Koetting’s works, and some other resources. Boo yah!