I'm in the need of some Love Advice

Hello, everyone. Last time I was in the forum it was over two months ago to comment about my major success with love magick.
I was trying to get romanticly envolved with some girl who had major daddy issues and wanted nothing to do with commitement. Anyways, I asked Sallos for help and he helped me, big time. He made this girl who had no deep feelings for me go crazy about me.

For over two months we talked every single day and we connected in a deep way. My country is still on quarantine so I haven’t seen her in 3 months now, but it felt like we were getting closer and closer.

Then, 2 weeks ago, she said something I did not like and for 3 or 4 days I didn’t texted her or anything. She’s the pride and stubborn type and I knew that if I didn’t texted her she woundn’t text me either. After those 3 or 4 days I texted her and she had a 180° turn, saying she didn’t had any feelings for me and that she didn’t wanted to speak to me ever again. I thought she was just mad and I left her alone. Then in the next 10 days I send her some funny things on Twitter and she didn’t reply, like she usually did.
Yesterday I texted her properly and at first she seemed distant, she was starting to open again when she, again, told me she didn’t wanted to speak with me and I didn’t respect her since I kept texting her. I told her I’d leave her alone but I’d be there for her if she needed me. She didnt’ reply to that and then today she eliminated me from Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp.

What I want from you guys is some advice. My first guess is she’s mad at me cause I didn’t texted her for 4 days out of nowhere. She has abandonment issues and I believe that hurt her.

What do you guys think about that? You think is that or something else? I don’t believe love is lost since Sallos did his thing on her and that extremely powerful. You think I could’ve lost Sallos’s favor and he took back what he did? I did nothing to offend him except taking a break from magick and entities for a while.

Can anyone who’s close with Sallos ask him?

Thanks in advance and I hope everyone’s ok.


In these kinds of situations, it’s not that your magick stopped working, it’s that the situation has changed. Your magick clearly worked, but the situation has changed from what it used to be (the two of you not dating) and has become a new situation (the two of you in a relationship).

I obviously don’t know either of you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re on the mark with the abandonment issues thing if you’re right about the daddy issues thing.

You may want to consider summoning Agares, who has several powers which could help bring her back to you. I would do the ritual, then send her a text apologizing for hurting her feelings, and also say that you still care about her and want to talk and work things out together. If there is potential for a relationship, this should work if you are patient. Just make sure that you tell her how her behavior made you feel, too.

I do also want to say to you that you should consider that she is very unlikely to change. This sort of situation is very likely to happen again if you do end up getting back together. Change takes a lot of work and self-awareness, and most people don’t want to do the former and lack the latter.

Now like I said, I don’t know either of you, so maybe this is just a one-time reaction, but it is not uncommon for people with these sorts of personality problems to demand far more of your time, attention, and emotional support than they will give back to you in return. This is not what you want out of a romantic partnership. If you feel like you’re always afraid that she will leave you and so you have to constantly, constantly text her all the time and shower her with love and affection, that is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

I don’t want to tell you that you should immediately dump her and move on, because again I don’t know you and maybe your situation is different, but from my own experience, and my experience interacting with people here concerning these situations for a while now, I would consider whether or not this is a relationship that you really want to be in. You saw just how effective Sallos was at bringing her to you - Sallos can work just as effectively with someone else. I wish you all the best with whatever you choose to do, but I think you should remember to make your needs a priority, not just your partner’s.

And on another note, I would be wary of asking other people to talk to the demons for you. You summoned Sallos yourself, and you got results. Have some confidence in your abilities.

I hate being passive aggressive, but I also do not like to name-drop people and potentially hurt their reputation, so I will just say that those who will claim to “channel” or speak for the demons are not special, and they are not helping you. They are a frantic human ego in desperate need of attention and admiration, and they stand between you and the demons. You should learn to trust in yourself and rely on your own ability to develop your magickal skills.


I have two questions. Did you reinforce the Magick? Why did you stop talking to her over something she said?

The spell could have broken and this is her true feelings for you.


I didn’t reinforce the Magick, as in, I didn’t spoke with Sallos again.

I stopped talking to her cause she said something that hurt my macho-feelings. We were not dating or anything so we both were free to see other people, but we just weren’t doing it cause my country’s still on quarantine, especially on the city where she lives.
We’ve both been locked up for three months now, so we were talking about how much we missed sex, and she said something like " I want to fuck anyone right now". I said “ok” and didn’t texted back. I guess I was just hoping she’d text me back saying she was sorry but after I thought about it she had nothing to be sorry for, so I texted her and she was mad as hell.

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Love spells and Magick sometimes have to be reinforced. For people with no feelings to start with it might have to be some kind of Magick reinforcement and physical. So, this is just my opinion but something for you to look in to. The lack of Magick reinforcement and then the sudden stop of physical reinforcement could have broken the spell.

I have daddy issues. My major daddy issues. But she has more then just that if she goes so cold. Is she a Libra by any chance?

No she’s a piscis I think. I’m a libra lol.

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I’m a Libra too. The reason I asked is because the going cold from being hurt is a very female Libra trait. When I feel morning there is no coming back.

So what do you think I should do? In a non-magickal way I mean.

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You can take two paths. One is let go and find a true love. The other is to keep trying, but this may lead to lots of heart break and being broken.

Being a Libra you love love and romance and get swept away in it. Totally way happened here. Pisces and libra are not the best of matches. So there’s that you have to fight against too.

So before doing anything. Find out what you truly want and make a decision (I know I said it and it’s scary. We hate decisions) but one thing you are good at is weighing all sides.

So make a list of pros and cons and see what leads to your happiness. Then once you decide and if you try agin maybe this time use your natural charm?

If you decide not to. Take a little for your self and rebalance since this has you off balance. Then when you start again look for another Libra or an Aquarius. They are our Perfect matches…


Thank you for the advice.

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You are so welcome. Decide what you heart wants and then I can help you from there. But you need your balance back first.

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Out of sight out of mind. If your not socializing in person it’s pointless. Can’t be helped cuz of the quarantine. If you text often it becomes textationship and not a relationship. Think of it as electronic epals. There is so many misunderstanding and lack of connection when it comes to texting. The lack of meeting in person really can change a person’s view of you for the wrong way. No matter how much a person is crazy for you, if there is a big gap of not meeting in person, they can easily change their feelings for you because your not there to reinforce or remind the good connection.

If you do video chat, it might be better than text to keep that connection. Texting isn’t the best way to connect. It’s more of giving information or keeping in touch kind of thing. It lacks real bonding that real live interaction has.

Also it’s mess up to get her all hot and bothered by talking about sex and your not there. What you think she will do? find someone in person. common sense no? No point trying to get her attracted to you when your not in person. She will just transfer the feelings to someone that is there in person. That’s kinda what happen with me. I got her to feel good and all but she transference it to another person. So she confuse who she likes to the wrong guy. And i’m out of luck.


Yeah I understand that. This quarantine thing really sucks.

She has self confidence issues too, she’s a very pretty girl but she doesn’t want to do any videochat cause she says she “looks ugly”.

U can do what you can to live your life and wait it out. CAn’t force stuff when quarantine mess things up. Timing is everything. Focus on other areas of life. Prepare for the damage quarantine does to your life. That’s more important.

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The spirit did his work… You just don’t have the skills to maintain a relationship… That is now a personal problem… Recommend you do Some inner working

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@eric433 demon’s help just expired lol
And tbh as a girl advice, she said something you could be annoyed with not her.
She doesn’t even have a reason to be mad at you and she s acting right now she is 5 years old… come on, you deserve better boy.
You already did the 80% in this “relationship” , she is not gonna change again without magick. This is her true self, daddys girl.
This is what you want…? :confused:


Yes I guess that’s true. Even though I’m a handsome guy and I’ve had my fair share of women I’ve never been on a good, long relationship.

Well shouldve thought of that, before doing, tea, ritual

Too much circulation makes the price go down. The sexual market is one of two truly free markets in the world and underneath the lovey feelings stuff it comes down to a vie for power. Keep this in mind.

The Art of War will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about game and if you’re not in business you’re at war (unless you’re truly neutral and indifferent)

The object is to go from war to business where you have the upper hand in the power split. The power split is sliced towards whoever cares less. Just keep in mind that human behavior in situations like this is usually a slight, to feign indifference while they may be feeling their guts turning hard inside.

Doubling down on efforts will only harm them if that’s the case. You don’t want total domination, you want an eager attention/affection economy. Keep this in mind. You’re not conquering an enemy territory, you’re strikig a deal (conquer her territory in all the fun ways when it goes there. For now you want a trade agreement of sorts)

I believe in making like Switzerland and being truly independent. Most self proclaimed “strong & independent” people are actually EXTREMELY dependent (on being perceived as powerful) and any sign of challenge to this ramps the neurosis up further. Losers focus on winners, winners focus on winning.

Keep that in mind. If you’re sweating over a girl you aren’t aimed at winning where you actually have leverage. A strong economy has internal assets to bring to the table. Your mission, career, life outside women are what you bring to the table. Focus hard on these and with the right shift you won’t really care about a cute girl with bad foreign policy.

Get my drift? Switzerland trained the world to respect their neutrality, you can too. She’s not entitled to your time or attention. Just be mindful you can send a message without sending one if you suddenly go radio silent on her after a ton of interaction. I get people used to my communication style early on for this reason. Makes them value the exchange more and you don’t get a “wyd” text every 30 minutes when you’re focused on building something bigger

Try this on, act sovereign and you will be treated as such. Power is seized, authority is granted. Know which is which when you act.

Be aware of what else you’re “saying” with women. They tend to read into the subtext 1,000x more than what you think you’re saying.

And if you’re sending long pages of text to a girl for any reason you messed up a while ago. Explore this thought

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Well it’s just that I really connected with her and she with me. I don’t want to just leave her cause she’s got issues you know.
I’ll work with Sallos again and see what happens.