I'm in extreme pain - Serpent phenomena

Lately In meditation I keep seeing three black serpents crawling out of my third eye into my Zeal chakra, I just forgot about that vision.

Now however I can feel slivering movements in front of my skull, underneath the actual skin, causing me a huge headache, my eyes are watering red, I can’t function because the pain is so extreme.

These serpents feel actually physical without me performing any tactile imaging.

It’s increasing every moment no matter what I try I can’t get rid of it, never mind numb the pain it’s becoming almost unbearable.

The more they sliver the more the actual veins in my head stick out, I can’t even stand I have to lay down.

Any thoughts ?.

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I don’t want to freak you out but the forgetting about it can be a sign someone’s fucking with you.

I hope not, might be worth seeing if you can get rid of them though, if they are helpful you should be able to get them back.


I can try pheonix form to remove it, if you’re willing.


I won’t garuntee anything though.

That’s what I thought I tried all divination and I asked lucifer no attacks have been made on me.


Let me know if youre willing to give it a shot. These flames can do a lot more than destroy and evolve.


Alright sure brother.

I still don’t like the sound of it… I know, head snek frenzy, no problem, forgetting about it, PANIC - only on BALG… :thinking:

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Ok this will be private. One Moment please m

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Any Ideas ?

Are you trying to raise your Kundalini or working with your chakras by chance?


No not at all.

Sounds like your Kundalini is rising. Might want to ask Robert Bruce he has a Kundalini course on BALG maybe email him or something. Thats my best guess or maybe 3rd eye is opening in brow chakra?


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When I first made contact with Leviathan I tried to invoke him I felt like there were hundreds of snakes crawling inside me and under my skin. It was terribly painful so we stopped. It wasn’t something he did intentionally it was how my senses and body reacted.

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Same thing has been happening to me but I don’t feel pain… I’m just wondering what could this possibly mean?

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No it ain’t that i’ve raised it a few times before.

Meditate and focus on pure liquid light coming into your body and purifying it. That helps me.

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Have you tried visualizing white / gold light coming through the top of your head, through your body, and down through your feet?

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That’s what i tried i can’t remove what it is, I can only lower the amount of pain I feel.

How about a doctor ? Maybe it is a physical problem.

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