I'm having trouble understanding Belphegor

I have this strange attraction to confusing spirits. Every spirit I feel a spiritual connection to is complex , obscure and or multi-faceted. I don’t know if I’m choosing them or they’re choosing me but my most recent attraction has been to Belphegor.

These are the only 2 sources I found but they both say 2 completely diffrent things. Is there anyone here that has any information on Belphegor or who has worked with him.

Also I have a concern as it says he tempts people through laziness. I’m not sure how a connection to him will effect me. The first description I’ve ever been told about him is that he aid in male sexuality.


Belphegor is a great spirit. Summon him, you will have your own, virgin experience, it s actually a loss for you if you will summon him, expecting him being in a certain way.

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It’s less confusing if you go back to earlier mentions and then you can see where people have added the layers on complexity.

If you want to make your own relationship, and I do this myself so I get it, I find it ideal as @Stan_Andrei says here, to ignore the UPG of newer players and start from as early back as you can to make your own way.

Belhegor seems to be a corruption of Baal Peor (Ball means lord and refers to his being an enlightened/ascended being, same as lord Jesus, and lord yhwh (the traitor) JCI people don’t even know who hey’re talking to when they say lord :joy: There were quite a few. )

“and was one of the false gods that Moses handed down the death penalty for worshiping”

This tells you Baal Peor is not a demon at all… he’s someone’s god that the church demonised to control his former followers. When you’re busy abusing someone, thefirst thing you do isisolate them from their support system.

Probably explains the complexity some :slight_smile:
All the Baals are like this. So is Belial. All are gods, historically.

THis is just another reason I look down on the use for the word “demon”" it’s usually JCI bs, or people blindly following JCI bs thinking it’s normal. But I don’t see 2k years as a long time, but baby new, and I try not to assume the ideas of the establishment are right just becuase nobody remembers why they do what they do.

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Ooof! How do I explain this. It seems like you’re telling me to develope my own UPG … I was told he was a patron of male sexuality but then I came across a bunch of other sources attributing him to many other things but mostly finance.

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virgin experience?

Belphegores roots lie around fertility rites and to another extent “wantonness” (which is part of where the association to excrement comes from).

I honestly wouldn’t worry about that unless you’re already a particularly lazy person or it does in fact come up as an issue. Lol