I'm having some trouble!

So I’ve tried everything to get into the Theta-Gamma Sync… I think at least. I can’t tell if I’m in it yet or how to stay in it. The problem is I always see static normally, not sure why but I do. The way he describes Static Rain is what I just see everywhere I go though I don’t see the said Sprites.
Also when I try the exercises my head hurts which breaks my focus and my eyes always seem to fade in and out and sometimes it just goes back to what I normally see. Idk what is going on tbh, can anyone help?

-The Magi


Try other forms of trance the theta-gamma state, or at least the way you might be approaching it is just a post-modern way for practitioners like us to get into a trance easily.
Try sleep deprivation, Shamanic drums, Meditation, Binaural beats, dancing, getting into a state of Mania, there are many ways of getting into a trance for spirit communication, Also be sure to work on your Astral senses as well so you don’t have to rely on being in a trance state.


If it helps, breathe in a “red or yellow light” it will signal your subconscious to slow down.


Really if you can find a subconscious trigger to ease up, it should do the trick. Experiment. Let me link you something. It’s lengthy but it’s useful.

Here you go.


ooo its a nice video! She goes over some nice methods and tricks. Though I disagree with her on some levels, not about how you should treat them or what you need to work on first more just what you can use the demons for and how well you can evoke. I just believe its possible to get full visual, auditory, and etc manifestations without having to have a gift. Pretty sure it would help but once you get the ball rolling you can get it up to full speed (If that analogy makes any sense)

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Yeah, I get that.

Though I do like what she has to say. Attitude does have a lot to do with it and I thought I knew that but how she said really made me re-think my approach. Some good knowledege in there.
Just a question I’ll throw out, do you think someone can have full manifestations without have a gift or do you think it can’t go that far? Of course you have to start with the living imagination but I’m always curious on what people believe they can do.

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Learned much from her, I even think the site she refers to. Blog. Still exists

I do agree with you, that you don’t need to have a natural gift to make it.

She is redoing it again

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